Buyers doing their buying research “ask the darnedest questions!” That’s because asking questions — about specific RV Makes & Models — gives buyers the answers they need to make “an informed purchase decision.”

So, we counted up how many buyers are asking Dealers (and / or Private Sellers) about all the various different RV Makes & Models we have listed for sale on

You be the judge, of course, but the theory is … whichever RV Makes & Models are getting asked about the most — could be seen as “highly sought after” in the market.


Truck campers are popular for their compact style, versatility, and ease of travel (no towing!). You can easily go for lunch at a restaurant or visit a mall (no back-of-the-lot, multiple-parking-spot scenarios) and they are one of the most fuel-efficient RV options.

Tired of sleeping on the ground but still want to boondock in the backcountry? Taking the road less-travelled is also simple. Because truck campers slide into the box of a pickup truck, their ability to head off-road and explore is limited mainly by the capabilities of your truck. It also makes them highly maneuverable, low maintenance, and easy to store. No wonder they’re sought after!

There are many truck campers to choose from, from pop-ups to hard sides. Here are the Top 5 truck campers that RV buyers inquire most about with our Dealers and Private Sellers:

Lance Truck Campers

2021 Lance 650

Lance has been building truck campers since 1965. According to their website, many of them are still on the road. In the past decade, they’ve won several awards, including top marks from Consumer Digest for their whole line. To see what actual owners think, we checked RV consumer reviews at our partner, Here’s what some of them had to say:

2017 Lance Lance 975: We’ve owned the Lance 975 for three years, and it is a very solid camper. So much is packed in a small space, which gave us the freedom to go anywhere with all of the same conveniences as a larger rig. Mounted to a 4X4 1-ton, pickup, we were able to slip back in the remote wilderness where no one else could go. Onboard generator and solar power with large holding tanks allowed us to boondock for days at a time. Lance did it right with this model. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for ultimate freedom. 
~ David, Maryland

2012 Lance Lance 855S: This is the best four season truck camper on the market…no issues after 6 years of gentle use. Easy to load and maintain with a well thought out floor plan. Great storage for gear and supplies throughout.
~ Vince, North Carolina

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Northwood Arctic Fox

2021 Northwood Arctic Fox 811

Northwood was founded in 1993 and manufactures a wide variety of RVs, including their popular truck campers. Here’s what Arctic Fox owners had to say on

2019 Northwood Arctic Fox 990 Wet Bath: We love this Truck camper! We took our first truck camper to Alaska in 2012 and found it was the perfect way to go. We took a towable in 2014, but liked the truck camper set up better; the unit could fit in smaller spots. We like that you can pull in, drop the jacks, hook up water and power and you are ready to camp! Departure is easier, also. Having the slide out gives a lot of room, and the bedroom area is cozy and warm. The Fox Landing is so much safer than the little step ladder in our previous truck camper. The wet bath gives more room in the main area of the camper and there is ample space to shower, and clean the bathroom at the same time! The generator is great for those who like to boondock. Torklift Fast Guns are great for tie downs. All around, this is a great camper for any type of trip. ~ Dean, Michigan

2016 Northwood Arctic Fox 811: This camper is by far the best that I have ever owned. It is a true four season camper. I have enjoyed taking it fishing, snow skiing, to the beach and to Montana. This unit has been bullet proof. I have just used it and waxed it each year. Nothing on it has broke or needed adjustment. Also the unit is insulated so well, that you sleep like a baby.
~ Jim, Virginia

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Palomino Backpack Edition

2021 Palomino Backpack Edition SS-1251

Palomino RV was founded in 1968 in Savage, Minnesota and is now a division of Forest River, Inc., North America’s largest producer of Recreational Vehicles. Palomino’s truck campers are built to fit a wide range of trucks and the Backpack Edition comes in hard side (HS) and soft side (SS) styles. We took a look on to see what some Palomino Backpack Edition owners are saying:

2016 Palomino Backpack Edition HS-6601: I purchased this camper after retiring from the US Army. It has everything you need to camp anywhere. If you have space to park a truck, you have enough space to camp. Wonderful for any outdoor activities, it takes less then 30 minutes to load and leave for your next adventure.
~ R.E., West Virginia

2015 Palomino Backpack Edition SS-1500: I have this camper on a 2008 long bed truck and with additional levee springs, it rides very well. I am in the camper for over a month each year in Montana, and being alone, it is very comfortable, functional, and with a full service hook up never a problem. The refrigerator works well, two stove burner more than adequate, I have added a portable microwave over the refrigerator, the hot water is plentiful, the shower a little cramped but not too bad, plenty of closet space and I can store food very well under the bed and in the cabinets. In all, I like my 1500 SS because I camp alone and I have not attempted it with a dog or companion. I would have given it 5 stars for livability if the dining table arrangement was not so awkward. As a result, I rarely use it. 
~ John, Nevada

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Travel Lite Truck Campers

2021 Travel Lite Extended Stay 800X

Travel Lite has manufactured lightweight travel trailers and truck campers since 1998. Their truck campers are available in Superlite, Extended Stay and the more compact Rayzr. We checked our partner to see what actual Travel Lite owners are saying about their truck campers:

2018 Travel Lite Extended Stay 840SBRX: We wanted a light weight self contained cab over for a short bed f-350 to fit our long bed f-350 with an in bed fuel tank. The travel lite was the just the ticket. My wife is on O2 and her air machine fit perfect by the sink counter. I like the extra storage space between the camper and cab on top the toolbox fuel tank. For us the 840SBRX fits our lifestyle (retired and free to go where we can when we can) in comfort. Customer service @ Travel lite is super efficient returning correspondence and assisting owners obtain replacement parts in a courteous friendly manner. It is like they really appreciate you and welcome you to their family. My problems were met with genuine concern and positive solutions. ~ Daniel, Washington

2011 Travel Lite Travel Lite 890SX: This is our second slide on Travel Lite truck camper. The camper is mounted to our Ford F-250. We have a full queen bed w 8″ memory foam mattress, 4cub. 3 way fridge, and a jack/knife sofa dinette combination. We opted not to get the shower in this unit since we never used them in our previous rigs. Since my truck is an extended cab we have plenty of storage which allows us to carry an inflatable kayak. We absolutely love the unit. The ease of maneuverability and go anywhere a pick up truck can go is a really anxiety reliever. Fully loaded my mileage varies from 10.5 to 11.5. We have been twice for 30 days at a time and fully enjoy the camper. ~ Don, New York

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Northern Lite and Northern Lite Ltd. Ed.

2020 Northern Lite Limited Edition EXCDLE

Northern Lite was founded in 1989 and brings 30 years of experience building lightweight, 4-season truck campers to their products. Built to handle Canadian winters, Northern Lite’s campers are built from 2-piece fibreglass construction. Here’s what RV consumer reviewers on had to say about their Northern Lite truck campers:

2011 Northern Lite Special Edition 9-6Q: The Northern Lite truck camper is truly a 4 season camper. It has been used in high temperature extremes in the 90”s and also in cold temperature extremes down into the teens with all water beings used. The acrylic Windows do not allow cold air in and have been great. The camper is also very quiet inside due to the insulation. I purchased this unit new and have been very happy with the quality of the unit throughout the years. 
~ Louis, South Dakota

2019 Northern Lite Northern Lite 10.2: There is no other camper on the market that matches the Northern Lite for its superior quality and workmanship … extremely well made campers they are built to last and hold the highest in re sale value ~ Marg, British Columbia

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Thanks for stopping by to check out the top 5 truck campers that buyers have inquired about most with both Dealers and Private Sellers. We hope this is helpful as you choose an RV for your next adventure. Do you have a favorite truck camper model? Let us know in the comments.

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