Shiny exteriors, luxurious floor plans, amazing destinations and the promise of the open road: the RV lifestyle that every new traveler dreams of can come to a screeching halt at the hands of RV budget oversights. Experienced RV travelers know that a little preparation goes a long way towards staying on the road where you belong! Avoid an RV nightmare by following the Top 5 Rules that Savvy RV Buyers Live By, and keep your home-on-wheels rolling this travel season…

1) Get a Degree in RVing!

The RV world is constantly growing, making it a daunting destination for newcomers and experienced travelers alike. With technology upgrades and modernized rigs, every RVer needs to regularly update their RV education. Smart RVers seek out resources like well-read travel blogs, detailed videos, and educational webinars to stay up to date on the latest RV news. Learning from RV Industry and Lifestyle experts can help you make confident decisions on hot-button topics like maintenance, RV protection purchases, and travel destinations.

2) Choose an RV that’s right for you!

Many new RVers make the mistake of falling in love with the first make and model they see, and purchase their “dream rig” before stopping to consider if it actually fits with their travel plans! Smart RVers plan ahead, and ask themselves the important questions before dipping a single toe into the glittering waters of RV ownership:

1) How much space do I actually need while traveling?

2) Where do I plan to visit, and are there RV size limitations associated with these destinations?

3) Am I more comfortable driving a motorhome, or towing a large vehicle?

4) How often do I plan to travel, and where will I store my rig when not in use?

It can be tough to overlook the amazing aesthetics and features of modern RVs, but keep in mind that function is the most important factor for a happy life on the road.

3) Invest in a Pre-Purchase Inspection


There is no better peace of mind than knowing that the RV you’ve just purchased is in good working order—but many new RVers neglect this step in the buying process. When choosing to purchase a motorhome or towable RV, especially a used unit, always invest in a full mechanical review of the coach. A pre-purchase inspection by a highly trained, 3rd party RV inspector will give you confidence that your new RV does not have any pre-existing and costly failures at the time of purchase.

4) Know Your Breakdown Risks and Secure an RV Warranty

The most commonly overlooked item in an RVer’s budget is the potential cost of RV Breakdowns. Simply put: the cost of RV repairs is on the rise. On average, RV Repairs will cost $300 or more per hour between the cost of parts and labor. RV buyers often fail to include these high RV repair costs in their budget, leaving their dream life on the road vulnerable to mechanical breakdown expenses.

Many of the most common RV failures reported to RV Warranty claim professionals are found in everyday items such as appliances, leveling systems, or air conditioning units. These familiar components fail often, and are expensive to repair or replace.  424689487_57fafa7d37_z

RVers can protect themselves from these unexpected and costly failures with RV Protection products such as an RV Extended Service Contract or RV Warranty. These policies step in to pay for costly repairs should you face a breakdown out on the road.

RV Warranties can be purchased from many sources, including your dealership and online brokers. Always remember to research the company you’re choosing to purchase a policy from, ensuring they’ll be there for you when you need them most. Check out major Consumer Advocacy sites like the BBB and Google Reviews, as well as the company’s standing with highly regarded RV communities such as Escapees RV Club and the FMCA.

5) Prepare for Emergencies Before Hitting the Road

We already know that major repairs can cost you, but these aren’t the only surprise expenses you’ll face during your travels. Consider putting 24/7 RV Roadside Protection in place to help combat the shocking costs of towing services, lockout, fuel delivery and more. For an incredibly low yearly cost, you can secure comprehensive Roadside Assistance coverage for the unexpected stops you may have to make during your next road trip.

A Road Map to Peace of Mind

Enjoy the relaxation of traveling in your home-on-wheels when you follow in the footsteps of savvy RVers! Educate yourself on the many facets of RV life, take your time and choose the right RV for your travel plans, make sure the rig is in good condition before purchasing, protect your travel budget from the increasing cost of RV repair with an RV Warranty, and protect yourself before you get behind the wheel. A little bit of planning now can save you a ton of trouble down the road, especially when you’re new to RVing! Follow the Top 5 Rules Savvy RVers live by, and travel with peace of mind.

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