Priorities change with the times, and the RV world continues to grow as people of all ages take to the roads. Simpler lives, greater self-sufficiency, and living close to nature — all the things that both millennials and boomers want can be found in travel trailer while touring the country or parked at camp.

The proliferation of luxury amenities certainly helps ease people into the RV life, too.

RV sales fell significantly during the Great Recession, but current figures look to meet or exceed previous records in 2016 and beyond. From the rugged, vintage appeal of a teardrop trailer to the posh amenities found in the latest mobile homes, the industry is drawing interest in a variety of directions.

RVIA spokesperson Kevin Broom recently explained to Outside magazine how the industry prepared for changing preferences to anticipate the market demand:

• RV manufacturers have designed light trailers that can easily be towed

• More creature comforts have become standard features, such as flatscreen TVs and fireplaces

• Food prep has become a greater focal point, appealing to the foodies and survivalists among both new RV lifers and weekend campers

• Innovation has created new ways to increase interior spaces

Growing RV Sales Good for Buyers and Sellers

A thriving RV industry creates a better market to buy or sell an RV. With growth expected to continue, the manufacturers can invest in new technologies and improvements. The secondary market also sees more action, so selling your RV is fast.

Those looking to buy an RV will also find competitive pricing and lots of options. Previous owners may want to upgrade to one of the fancy, high-tech models — selling their current trailer to a newbie. The new RV owner gets to audition the camper lifestyle without having to break the bank on a brand new trailer.

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