Call it revolutionary.  Call it a game-changer.  Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. has just announced the details of their new EcoTrek Power Technology. The company is using lithium ion technology to lift the electrical system limits for Roadtrek RV owners. According to the press release, boondocking is greatly enhanced with the technology as Roadtrek’s cell protection system has been optimized for all weather and electrical demand situations.

“The module will charge and discharge at very high rates and be optimized thanks to Roadtrek’s proprietary climate system. It charges from any available source due to the companies’ existing proprietary E-Trek charge control, which harmonizes the vehicle alternator, Onan, engine generator, solar and shore power as required.

“There are many more advantages to the lithium cells included in the EcoTrek power module, such as weight savings, faster charging capabilities, increased life up to 3,000 cycles, increased safety and no production gases for a more environmentally friendly option.

Lithium Ion Battery

“Roadtrek has a very complex and detailed R&D team that developed our new EcoTrek, and VoltTrek ground-breaking technologies using our in-house labs and working with external academic sources to do detailed validation testing.” stated Jim Hammill, president and CEO of Kitchener, Ontario-based Roadtrek. “Our focus is to make the use of the unit easier and let people go anywhere they want, without a cord.”

On Mike Wendland’s blog (a journalist who along with his wife travels North America in his Roadtrek and who is sponsored in part by Roadtek Motorhomes) wrote about the new technology in December of last year (before it was released to the public) when he picked up the CS Adventurous XL that Roadtrek allowed them to use.

“The fact that I am part of the test shows how far along it is. I’m the everyman, the typical RVer who doesn’t profess to understand how it works, who just uses it. In other words, the fact that I am part of the test shows how close lithium-ion power will be for all of Roadtrek’s customers.

“So what can I say? I can say that I have 20,000 watts of available power. That is not a typo. 20K.

“Let me put that in perspective: I just had a whole house automatic generator installed at my sticks and bricks house. I wanted it to handle everything: Lights, heat, appliances, air conditioning, the well, my computer system, my recording studio. The contractor installed a 20K genertator. He said it was probably more than I needed.

“The system in our CS Adventurous XL is 20K.

“What’s the big deal about lithium-ion batteries? Compared with the lead acid batteries found in most RVs, they have an amazingly long cycle life. Some studies suggest they can handle up to 5,000 cycle uses. Lead acid batteries are typically good for 500 to 1,000 cycles. They also charge very fast, up to 100 percent of capacity. Lead acid batteries charge to about 80 percent and then need much more time to get to not much more than 85 percent. Lithium-ion batteries are smaller and weigh about one-third less than lead acid batteries.”

NOTE:  On, the Company is running a Complimentary EcoTrek 200 Module Upgrade promotion (ends August 31, 2015.)  Purchase any new existing stock Roadtrek model from a Certified Roadtrek dealer and receive a free EcoTrek 200 module upgrade worth over $2,400.  Contact your local Roadtrek Dealer for more information.

We would like to hear from you here at about your experiences with RV lithium ion batteries in general or specifically if you intend to become an owner (or already are an owner) of the new EcoTrek.

Happy travels!


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