As a factory direct RV builder, co-founders of NeXus RV, Dave Middleton and Claude Donati heard from a lot of customers, “If I could touch it and feel it, I would buy it.” So the company made exactly that happen — with unmanned showrooms in several locations around the country.

There’s no salesperson and no inventory on the lot. NeXus showrooms simply display a few models in the lineup and let potential customers see, sit inside, and get a real feel before ordering a custom RV.

In recent years, factory direct showrooms have been one of the more interesting RV selling trends. Augusta RV recently made the switch to factory direct RV sales and the 4-year-old NeXus brand has seen intriguing success with the model as well.

NeXus began with an unmanned showroom in Temecula, California (halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego). They added another in Fort Worth, Texas in 2014. The company plans on adding a third unmanned showroom soon and possibly more.

The Unmanned Showroom Experience

The unmanned showrooms operate by appointment only — but nobody will meet you at the showroom. Instead, you call a toll-free number and book the appointment. With a unique passcode, you can unlock the front door of the showroom and welcome yourself in.

Typically you will get to see models including the Viper, Ghost, and Phantom motorhomes. Get behind the wheel, sit on the sofa, and play around with the features to get an idea of the brand, then contact the company about placing an order. NeXus also operates traditional showrooms at its own Clearwater, Florida dealership and at the Elkhart, Indiana manufacturing center.

To book an appointment at one of NeXus’s 2 unmanned showrooms simply call 1-855-786-3987 or visit NeXus RV’s Showrooms page and click on either Temecula, CA or Fort Worth, TX to schedule a convenient time.

Dave Middleton and Claude Donati, Founders of NeXus RV.

Dave Middleton and Claude Donati, Founders of NeXus RV.

The factory direct buying process certainly could use a little touch-and-feel experience. If you’re just browsing or ready to buy but prefer to see the real deal first, it’s an interesting opportunity.

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