Oregon tlr

I saw some information on Oregon Trail’R and was intrigued.


The classic look of the tear drop trailer has a strong appeal.




And as I watched the YouTube video…

…and reviewed the pictures of the assembly process on their web site, it was very obvious that builders,  Jon and Sawyer Christianson were making every effort to design and build a quality product.

I was impressed with a lot of the details and the attention to quality not always seen in the RV industry. Looking through the individual pictures of the finished product, I could see that there are a number of potential owners of this cute and convenient trailer.

I thought of the current motorhome owner that may not have the space for both the children and a couple of  grand-kids in the motorhome or maybe not even space for just the grand-kids. They enjoy spending time with the kids, but can’t swing getting a 45′ Class-A. The Oregon Trail’R would seem to be a wonderful way to provide a location, away for the adults but much better than in a little tent. I am sure we can all see the problems with sleeping bags on wet ground or the fight to erect a tent after a long day driving.

This type of unit might also be ideal for young couples that really enjoy the outdoors but want a bit more comfort than what they get in a tent or sleeping the the back of an SUV. At 1,100lbs or so, this trailer could be towed by just about any car made today.

Some samples of this lifestyle are shown here.

For those that can only get away a few times a season the investment in an Oregon Trail’R wouldn’t hit the budget as hard as most other full size trailers.

As I am building a 1951 Chevy truck “hot rod” I can state that the classic tear drop shape should be of interest to the Hot Rod or Classic Car owner. Many times these car owners are interested in making the “Bucket List” drive across America on Route-66 or the Lincoln Highway. What better way than with a tear drop behind your dream car.  If thinking of such a trip, there are some realities of life that present themselves. Where do you pack you bags and cooler and extra “stuff” you want to take along on your trip. You really don’t want to pack a tool box in the small trunk of your ’32 Ford roadster that is finished with color matching carpet. Perhaps you have built a pick-up and don’t want to pack your stuff on the polished mahogany of the pick-up bed.

For the mechanically inclined I see that a kit is offered. As I watched the slideshow of the build of a unit it became obvious that with the supplied pre-cut pieces and a few hand tools it would be possible to assemble the kit in your own garage.

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