Little Guy TearStock July 28 – August 1, 2015

Little Guy Worldwide President Joe Kicos says about the Little Guy Teardrop trailer owner, “It’s a different culture than your traditional camper. They’re kind of like a maverick group. It’s a different type of consumer and they have a different way of camping.”

Kicos and his crew are keeping those customers in mind as they gear up for the fourth Little Guy TearStock, a gathering of hundreds of Little Guy owners at Atwood State Park in Mineral City, Ohio, from July 28 to Aug. 1. “We have people coming from all over the United States and Canada,” he says.

The event will feature professional radio DJ (and Little Guy owner) Dave Glenn Alley, wine-tasting, potluck dinner, movie night and other events for a few hundred campers. Attendees will have the chance to tour the Little Guy factory where staff will be on-hand for maintenance and repair calls.

FMCA Rally in Wisconsin July 29 – August 1, 2015

“Members of Family Motor Coach Association, a Cincinnati-based organization for motorhome owners, will head to Wisconsin’s capital city at the end of July for a four-day event focusing on various aspects of their favorite form of travel.

“The group expects about 2,000 motorhomes to converge on the Alliant Energy Center in Madison July 29 through August 1. During FMCA’s 92nd Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase, dubbed ‘Escape to Wisconsin,’ attendees will participate in various activities designed to enhance the motorhome lifestyle.

“Organizers have scheduled more than 100 educational sessions aimed at helping motorhome owners glean more enjoyment from their RVs. Various RV experts will conduct seminars during the event. Topics range from motorhome chassis maintenance to microwave-convection cooking.”

13 Truths of RV Living

Julie Meyer Taylor writes “A week ago, my husband, my three boys, and I loaded all of our earthly belongings (well, it felt like it) into a rental RV and headed out for a 9-day cross-country road trip to see national parks and monuments.

“We stopped for a swim in the Great Salt Lake, posed under an arch of antlers in Jackson, Wyoming, hiked a three-mile loop around a lake in the Grand Tetons, watched a Buffalo strut down the wrong side of the road in Yellowstone…”

Taylor goes on to tell about the thirteen truths that she discovered on her summer trip, beginning with a warning to keep the toilet covered or else run the risk of losing your toothbrush in it.

Vietnam Veteran Rents RV to Seek Camaraderie and Healing

The Elkhart Truth reports “Bruce Butler and his wife, Jane, rent an RV each year to travel to a veterans reunion – Healing Fields  in Kokomo. The rental allows them to enjoy the flexibility of RV life before they’re ready to buy one of their own.

“The Warsaw couple says that renting an RV from an Elkhart company allows them to take more time to relax and spend a weekend each year with others who understand.”

Take a Ride With Four RV Stocks writes about the boom in motorhome and recreational vehicle business as more than just a post-recession bounce-back. “Motor home manufacturers’ revenues have kept climbing at impressive rates throughout this economic expansion. Winnebago’s sales jumped 18% last year–and that was after surging nearly 40% in 2013. Thor’s sales were up 9% last year and 23% in 2013.

“Why is the motor home/RV industry continuing to grow so much faster than the rest of the economy? A few factors are likely at play. First, in a post-housing-crisis world in which lending standards are tougher and wages have only recently started to gain traction, many people simply may not be able to afford brick-and-mortar homes, and are thus turning to the mobile variety. Second, lower gas prices are making the cost of owning a motorhome more affordable.”

The article continues on with further analysis of the third factor that supports this surge in business.

How we survived an RV Trip

In this NY Post article, Jane Ridley wrote humorously about her family’s fun-filled and bonding RV vacation to Upstate New York. Her story begins:

“Sleeping bags? Check!

“Flashlights? Check!

“Marshmallows for s’mores. Check!

“Rapid dissolve toilet paper? Okay, so I only checked that one off after finding out the hard way that two-ply tissue doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to the sanitation system of an RV.

“Before embarking on our first-ever “big rig” excursion to upstate New York, what limited knowledge I had was gleaned from ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ and ‘Meet the Fokkers.’

“Guess I should have paid closer attention to the hilarious sewage scene in “RV” when Robin Williams tries to drain the dreaded ‘black water’ tank…”

Retirement on the Road

Emily Pfund wrote in Elkhart Truth “For Toronto-based couple Bob and Marianne Harvey, a motorhome built in Nappanee provides the freedom to chase history through the deserts, canyons and mountains of the American southwest.

“The couple isn’t alone in choosing to spend their retirement on the road. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, a trade organization that represents RV manufacturers and suppliers, estimates that about 750,000 people live in RVs full-time in the United States, said Kevin Broom, public relations director for RVIA.

“The Harveys have been traveling in RVs for years.

“Bob Harvey, who is now in his early 60s, started in the 1970s with a pop-up camper and worked his way up to buying a motorhome in 1993. He and Marianne took shorter trips — usually no longer than six weeks — before they retired, including winter trips to the southeastern United States, where they camped with other snowbirds in North Carolina, Florida and Alabama…”

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