Bringing a retro style into the 21st century and loading it with modern innovations and conveniences, Winnebago recently rolled out the new Brave 31C (yes they can be found on RVT 🙂 ).

It features the iconic eyebrow design. You get lots of options, lower maintenance, the top quality construction that Winnebago is known for, and the latest technology for your camping experience.

See a video of the Brave 31C floorplan here.


The grill looks familiar to anyone who remembers the models of the 1960s and 1970s that were offered by Winnebago. The key difference is that the new Brave grill is a full aluminum construction and powder coated. You do not have to worry about your grill or trim every rusting. The headlights are surrounded by genuine stainless steel, not the plastic or cheap steel assembly that you find in many other RVs.

Wall slide

You get an additional 50 cubic feet of space from the easy-to-operate, full-wall slide that is on the driver’s side. This gives you a choice of having a queen or comfortable king size bed that has a nightstand along with plenty of floor space in the sleeping area and faces a retractable HDTV. There is full-size sofa bed that measures 40 inches by 72 inches located behind the driver’s seat.


The dash and other interior features are made of extruded aluminum. A push button lowers the extra sleeping compartment that is above the driver and passenger seats. Developed just for use in the new Brave and Tribute models, the hardwood Easyglide doors keep your belongings secure and easily accessible. The kitchen area has ample storage and shelf space. There is a microwave and three-burner stove with oven. Pocket doors provide privacy for the bathroom that has split bath design. The shower is complete separate from the toilet and vanity.

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