For several years, we have been offering ‘RV Sales Maximizer’ consulting services to hundreds of our RV Dealer customers. One of the main features of this service has been ‘How to Create Best-Selling RV Listings,” to assist them in selling literally thousands of RVs via  The information in this article is an attempt to ‘translate’ this knowledge into a ‘private seller’ friendly format.  If adhered to, the following will greatly enhance your ability to sell an RV … or anything else for that matter.

Shawn Friesen
Managing Director

The Way You Write
Your RV-For-Sale Listing Can
Make All The Difference …

The fact is, not all RV listings are created equal.

Some work extremely well – they generate many calls and emails from interested buyers – and some listings … well, not so much.

Steps for greatly improving your Listing:

1.  Don’t Skimp on Your Photos.

  • The more photos you have, the more buyers will call you.  (We’ve done the math and told RV dealers about it here.)
  • Also, photo quality is key as well.  Be sure you include a number of full room shots so buyers can get a good feel for the layout of your RV.
  • Reject all photos that are blurry or dark.
  • Turn on the lighting, keep unsightly miscellaneous items out of your photos and show off your RV in the best possible way.
  • Use your photo editor to Crop photos, keeping the focus of your picture on what’s important.  You can also use the editor to increase or decrease the Brightness and/or Contrast, to find the perfect balance.


2.  Video Sells.

Listings with a video receive 46% more calls on average than listings without a video. So when listing your RV add video as soon as you can (included with Premium and Ultimate paid ads only). This can be done on a listing after it’s posted.  Videos are easy to upload from your computer, phone, or tablet.  You may also simply reference a link to a Youtube video that you’ve already uploaded.

Counter Intuitive:  Most people say it’s best to keep a video short.  But that’s not necessarily true with RV-for-sale videos.  Remember, buyers want details.  If you decide to shoot a video of your RV, take your time, be sure you show prospective buyers all the way through your unit – the ‘ins and outs’.  Also, be sure to highlight any special features – eg. roll out the awing, start the generator, put the slide(s) out etc., etc.  A serious buyer will appreciate knowing more, rather than less, about the vehicle.

3.  Write a Great Description.

Research proves that vehicle shoppers who view your RV ad  will – diligently – read the vehicle description you write:

“Vehicle detail page visitors are invested in learning more about that vehicle, and they rely heavily on the vehicle description during their discovery process.”

Long Descriptions Are OK.  Buyers are thinking of spending a significant amount of money on an RV, they typically want a lot of information. Give them all the details they need. The more questions you can ‘intuitively’ answer in the text description, the closer you can bring a buyer to making an offer on your unit.

A.  Put the Buyer in the ‘Driver’s Seat’ … or at the Campground.  What’s it like to experience a holiday in your RV?  It must be fun, an adventure, a great family time together!  Mention these, it will elicit an ‘emotional response’ from the Buyer. After all, aren’t these exactly the things the average RV buyer really wants to purchase?

How does the unit run?  What’s it like to drive?  For example: “You’ll feel like the King of the Road when you drive this rig, the cab is about 5’ up and the windshield is so big you forget you’re inside a vehicle!  And with the 400 hp diesel engine, you can pass cars on hills!”

Maybe you have a travel trailer to sell – how is it to tow?  What did you tow it with?  You must have enjoyed being able to use your Truck after you set up camp to run into town (or wherever) … tell the story!

B.  Describe this Scenario:  When you’ve got this RV all set up at the campground, what are the things about the RV that bring a smile to your face?  What do you love about the RV you’re selling?  What makes it just awesome to camp in?  Maybe it was having room to cook in the kitchen, or the ability to gas up your quads with the built in re-fuel station. Or, you were simply off the ground, no longer cold at night like you had been in your tenting days!

C.  Discuss What Made You Want to Buy This RV Initially.  

You saw it … decided it was the perfect RV for your life … YOU bought it!  Why? What was the initial appeal?  Describe that for the buyer who’s going to read your description.

Remember back … how did you convince YOURSELF that this was the RV for you?

D.  Tell the Story of Your RV.

When people make purchases, a large part of what they’re actually buying is … the story behind the item.  (That’s why an antique with a “Certificate of Authenticity” is FAR MORE valuable.)

Yes, story sells.

Think through what is just about to happen to the buyer of your RV …  As soon as they bring your RV home with them, their neighbor (or their brother-in-law) is going to rush right over to have a look.

What elements of this RV’s past is the new owner going to brag about? I.e. “This was only used a couple times a year since it was originally purchased…it’s in fantastic shape!”

In the written description of your RV-for-sale, you want to tell the buyer the same amazing story he or she is going to tell their friends about this awesome RV.  Do tell – right up front – in your written description.

One-owner?  Low miles?  Never lived in? If you purchased it used, where did you buy it and how was it used?  All maintenance records available?  Only towed on 3 short trips?  Where?  Only used on summer weekends for a couple of years?  Let’s hear it!

So, what’s the story behind your RV?

E.  Describe What’s Unique About Your RV.

Does it have amazing add-ons?  Say:  “Imagine the convenience of pressing ONE BUTTON to LEVEL your rig!”

Or …  “Enjoy an awning that can tell when it’s windy and automatically pulls itself in!”

Problem:  Every RV that has ever been manufactured has a gazillion features.

Feature Fatigue:  RV buyers look at lots of RV listings and quite frankly they get bored having to read huge laundry lists of feature after feature.

Solution:  Focus on what makes your RV UNIQUE.  Upgraded entertainment center?  Electric jacks?  Solar panels?  Bullet proof off-road tires? Perfect, mention your RV’s unique features!

Now, Take It to the NEXT LEVEL:  Add in the “benefits” to the buyer of some of your RV’s special unique features.

Say, “The upgraded entertainment system is a great way to keep the grandkids entertained on those rainy days.”

Or … “Get out actually ENJOYING your time away faster with the electric jacks – it makes unhooking and leveling this RV a snap.”

Or … “For those times without hook-ups … Relax as your solar panels keep your batteries full charged!”

F.  Suggest That Buyers Might Want to Contact You.

Remember, as a private seller, having buyers look at your listing is not enough.  “Connection” is your operative word.

Sound approachable.  Be helpful, willing to answer questions and provide additional information.  Suggest a call or an email.

Say, “Need more info? Call or text me anytime.”

Or … “If you’d like to come and look at this beautiful RV, let me know.  I’d be happy to show you how everything works.  You’ll be surprised how easy it really is.”

Or … “Feel free to contact us by email or phone.  Evenings and weekends work best.”

Incorporating the tips & tricks above will greatly improve your ability to connect with a potential buyer.  After placing an RV listing on, add quality photos of the inside and out of your unit, upload a Video and write a ‘killer’ text description. You’ll be well on your way to finding a great new home for your RV, not to mention a bank account full of cash!

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