I’m so excited to announce … My new book is out and ready to go — just in time for the summer camping season! 

I invite you to check it out:  Hit It! The Road That Is! Resources and Information for RVers and RV Wannabes.”

This book is truly a labor of love and has been created from the perspective of being a lifelong RVer plus a former, long time contributing writer to RVT.com/blog .

In the book, I tell about:

  • the “ins & outs” of buying and selling new or pre-owned RVs,
  • travel tips with useful links to helpful websites and videos,
  • free camping,
  • free YouTube videos for RVers,
  • RV Clubs you need to know about,
  • emergency roadside assistance and insurance,
  • and hundreds of other things RV including the sheer joys of camping and RVing.

Also, there are sections in the book about fascinating people I’ve met while traveling, awesome RVs spotted, places visited, recipes that are perfect for RVing, and even great RV business ideas as well. Lots of color pictures illustrate the articles.

Craters Moon Motorhome in campground scene DSC_0248

Craters Moon View of Hwy 20 DSC_0303

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. It’s 18 miles W of Arco, ID on Highway 20/26/93


You can peruse the book’s table of contents on Amazon.

Enjoy!  Thanks tremendously for taking a peek.

And, thanks to RVT.com for letting me tell your readers about it.

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