If it feels like RVs are more popular than ever, that’s because we’re seeing RV sales trends that point to record-breaking figures in 2016 and beyond.

The economy’s steady improvement since the 2008-2009 recession plays a large role in consumer confidence. We’re not just seeing newcomers to the RV lifestyle, we’re seeing longtime campers finally hit the buyer’s market now that they feel more comfortable spending.

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association released 2015 RV sales figures, and there were year-over-year increases in 10 out of 12 months last year. With 374,246 units sold in 2015, RV sales trends have been pointing upward every year since the recession.

This is great news for everybody — most RVs are manufactured in the United States, so higher RV sales trends mean more American manufacturing. And at dealerships nationwide, a stronger market means more competition and better deals for buyers.

RV Sales Figures for 2016 — Something for Everybody

Industry insiders point to a wonderful diversity of RV demographics. The usual mix of campers, retirees, and frequent travelers are still going strong. In 2016, we’re seeing Millennials, young couples, and people of all ages checking out the RV market for their next home or travel vehicle.

A Keystone RV representative explained to the media recently, new models include affordable travel trailers that start around just $10,000 — a great entry point for cash-strapped buyers who want to hit the road. Thor Industries points out that people are buying RVs for tailgating and other fun, in addition to dedicated camping.

It’s also important to note that a more competitive market means that innovation, features, and customization abound.

If you want to sell an RV the buyers are out there. Just be ready to advertise and compete! And if it’s time to buy a new RV, have fun scouting all the wonderful new 2016 RV models. And follow the RVT.com blog to stay on top of RV sales trends.

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