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Toy Haulers Not Just for Toys

Part residential living space and part garage, toy hauler RVs are popular with outdoor sports enthusiasts. But heightened luxury in the residential area, greater versatility in the garage and their mobility have led creative thinkers to adapt the RV’s unique features to their own uses. Toy haulers are now being used as craft and art studios, mobile business and medical offices, dog grooming stations, hunting and fishing lodges and the ultimate tailgating and party vehicle.

RV Travel Blogs to Try

RVers are an adventuresome group. If you’re looking for new and unusual places to visit or interesting attractions to see along your travel route, give these blog sites a try:

Boomer Travel Patrol welcomes you to “the Fabulous Side of Fifty!” The new site features a collection of blogs written by a team of travel-loving boomers. Each writer concentrates on an area of expertise and site users are invited to contribute recommendations, tips and favorite places. While the site is for all types of travelers, most posts are about U.S. sites, events and hidden gems.

Atlas Obscura unearths unusual attractions, festivals and more. Plug in your destination and you’ll find unique activities like Dig This in Las Vegas, a giant sandbox where adults can play with real bulldozers and other heavy equipment.

RV Tag-Along Tours of Alaska

Alaska is the ultimate RV vacation, and RV tag-along tours are a fun and safe way to tour the state. A tour company plans the trip, leads the tour and makes campground arrangements. RVers travel caravan style with each family in their own RV. Drive your RV north or rent an RV through the tour company. Scheduled daily activities let you sample unique Alaskan experiences or set off on your own, rejoining the group for chow and evening campfires. Click to read about one family’s tag-along adventure.

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