What does Airstream have to do with New York City fashion? One of its hot-off-the-line, twenty-six-foot Flying Cloud travel trailers loaded with designer clothing and accessories was recently taken on a four-city travel odyssey dubbed “Trek-A-Porter.”

Fashion designer Wenlan Chia (Twinkle label) lead the tour that visited Miami, Nashville, New Orleans and New York City. Fifteen contemporary clothing and cosmetic brands, a celebrity mixologist, and glamping chefs from New York joined together with local communities to do their things.

According to the Trek-A-Porter FB page, over the eleven day journey, the tour collaborated with each city’s local artists and artisans, musicians and writers, culinarists and mixologists, decorators and florists, educators and visionaries, to create an entertaining shopping event. Along the way, a movie was shot of the tour that will premiere during fashion week in September.

Why an Airstream? On the company’s “Live Riveted” webpage, Wenlan Chia said “Airstream’s extraordinary aesthetics and handcrafted tradition represent what American design and lifestyle are about – nonchalant beauty and effortless elegance; which is in line with Trek-A-Porter’s vision of contemporary design.”

Airstream's Flying Cloud travel trailer carries Trek-A-Porter designer fashion tp four cities.

Airstream’s Flying Cloud travel trailer takes Trek-A-Porter designer fashions to four cities.

She went on to say that the journey meant trying “…something without calculating the risks, and thinking out-of-the-box to live a full and rich life. Trek-A-Porter has most definitely accomplished that. Our Fashion Odyssey travelled 4,000 miles across the country and back, touring to cities we’ve never been before and pioneering a path most designers have never taken. We blazed trails with emerging designers in tow and filmed our experience so that others may see the other side of fashion. ”

Who is Wenlan Chia? She runs an incubation program where she trains students from Shihchien University in Taipei, her native country. Wenlan convinced the university to let her create a program that simulates a company, where the students could experience designing, selling, marketing for a real label, with real problems and decision-making needs, and real products they can sell.

What is the Flying Cloud brand? The line offers eighteen (18) floor plans to choose from, starting at a little over $60,000. According to Airstream’s website, the Flying Cloud has been one of Airstream’s most popular travel trailers for decades. With more floor plans available than any other model, it can be a fit for families, long-term travelers, or weekend wanderers. It sports a modern design compared to “box-shaped” competitors. Airstream states that “it’ll last longer, require less maintenance, offer better stability when towing, and cost less at the fuel pump.”

So there you have it! Airstream is in fashion in more ways than one! Keep a lookout for the movie to see exactly how that Airstream Flying Cloud was utilized. I know I will. Happy travels everyone!

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