Your easy-to-drive SUV can do so much more than get you safely from point A to point B. If you are considering camping and moving up from tent life, a lightweight, compact travel trailer may be a next smart move. There are several types of travel trailers you can tow with your SUV, including these categories:

We’ve put together our favorites from each of these categories, to help you find the perfect SUV travel trailer for you.

Note: It is important that you check the towing capacity and limitations of your SUV and verify that you are able to safely tow any of our picks. 

Pop-up folding SUV towable: Jayco Jay Sport. The Jay Sport has a small footprint with a roomy feel. When the canvas walls are extended, the Jay Sport feels like a luxury tent. The Jay Sport models are 13 – 16 ft in length before the beds on each end are extended, making a small footprint for towing. Averaging 1800 – 2100 lbs, it should fall within the weight limits of most tow-capable SUVs.  

Hard side pop up: Aliner Scout. The Aliner Scout line has several great A frame pop ups suitable for SUVs. The Scout Base models are especially lean: weighing at near 1600-1900 lbs, they provide security and privacy in a compact towable. The Scout models remove unnecessary extras that weight down the travel trailer, making this camper an easy, simple way to enjoy your camping adventure with your SUV. 

Hybrid travel trailer: Coachmen Clipper Express 9.0. This fun, tiny towable weighs in at under 1400lbs and combines a hard shell with a pop-up, making the SUV camping experience feel like a tent while providing the comforts of a travel trailer. With a full size bed, mini-fridge, little heater and A/C as options, it is easy to love the Clipper Express 9

Small Travel Trailer: Rockwood GeoPro. The compact GeoPro line has models that are under 12 ft and weighing less than 1800 lbs. With great storage options over a full size bed, many models have dual entry doors and are solar ready. Although they will be taller than the average SUV, the GeoPro models are designed to quickly be ready as soon as you arrive at the campsite. 

Teardrop Camper: NuCamp TAG.   Teardrops are the most popular style of SUV towable, and for a good reason. They are small, light, and easy to crawl into and get a good night’s sleep. The NuCamp TAG is perfect for tow-ready SUVs as they have a short length and are perfect for a couple’s getaway. 

We hope our picks help make your dreams of non-tent camping with your SUV a reality! Check out all of our SUV ready lightweight travel trailer campers for sale at 

Note: this article is for entertainment purposes only, please tow at your own risk and be sure to do your due diligence prior to any RV and car purchase / tow.

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