When a brand new Travel Trailer model wins the prestigious RV Business Award and becomes known as a 2017 “Top RV Debut,” you can bet it’s something special!

And so, to help RV shoppers get a quick overview of some new Travel Trailers, here are a few smaller sized units that RV industry professionals have chosen as Top RV Debuts for 2017.


Hymer Touring

Erwin Hymer Group is a huge player in the RV market in Europe.  And, the feeling is that since their purchase of Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. in the Spring of 2016, they’re about to impact the North American market in a big way as well.

Check out the Euro styling of the Hymer Touring.  Made in North America, the Touring comes in lengths between 15 and 20 ft., with an MSRP of $22,000 to $29,000.

Roof pops up giving ample headroom.

Here’s a short video tour which give you a look at the smart and functional interior.


Floor plan.

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Lance Camper 2375

Lance has a reputation for quality and completeness in RVs and the Lance 2375 is the largest of the company’s Travel Trailer offerings.

Attractive exterior, fully appointed.


Here you see the Lance 2375 with its slide out.


A very roomy feel.



A nice raised dinette. Easy to get in and out of.



Great color choices in the decor.


Convenient stainless kitchen.


Dinette when folded down into a handy bed. Good use of space, plenty of storage.


Captain’s quarters!


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Travel Lite Falcon

If you’re considering a smaller Travel Trailer, tow-ability is probably something you’re thinking long and hard about.  You’ll likely want to check out this Top RV Debut, the Falcon by Travel Lite.

Gorgeous matte black exterior shown here. Very fashionable!


Also available in white, the Falcon is a very attractive RV.


Well designed interior.



Here’s an informative video by Dustin Johns, owner of Travel Lite RV.  He gives you a quick tour of all the functionality and fashion he’s built into the Falcon by showing you the F20 and the F24 bunk house floor plans.

Tempered glass shower with privacy curtain inside, of course.




Back view.


Front cap. Very aerodynamic.


18″ (aluminum) rims and tires. Standard. Very good stability because of the extra wide stance of the Falcon plus, it comes equipped with 10″ Michelin tires. Very nice.


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Dutchmen Aerolite

“Home” and a “residential feel” are words that come to mind with the Aerolite.  And, to be true to its name (lite), the entire line boasts an aluminum frame which helps keep the towing weight down for these gorgeous Travel Trailers.

Curb appeal galore!


Both the slide and the “crowned” ceiling create a roominess inside.


Here’s the floor plan of the 213RBSL. Compact, functional and inviting. Let’s go camping!




6″ to 8″ more headroom than most competitive Brands.


And, check this out …

An outdoor kitchen! So handy for tail gating at the game or camping in the great outdoors!

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Heartland RV Terry Classic 21V Retro Trailer

Brand new but classic!  Heartland RV has done a wonderful job both preserving all the character and updating the functionality of this cool new Terry Classic!  No wonder it’s a Top RV Debut …

Love the chrome!


Side view is very appealing, makes you want to have a closer look!


From the front. Great windows, lots of light.


Here’s the floor plan.


Mood lighting.  LEDs throughout create a great ambience, inside and out of this retro classic Travel Trailer.


Dinette with a view.


Comfortable bedroom.


Kitchen layout.

For a deeper look inside, here is a great RV video by Chris Anderson of Mount Comfort RV in Greenfield, IN.  Chris gives the unit a very thorough and informative demonstration for interested RV shoppers.


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