You’re interested in jumping into this whole “RV” thing – congratulations! Maybe you’re still researching and don’t yet have plans to make a purchase. Or, perhaps you know for sure you’ll buy an RV, but are still trying to figure out which model might be best for you. That’s ok! By reaching out to your dealer, you can get answers to your questions and find an ally for your purchase process. When should you reach out? Read on for some helpful guidance from RVT.

Right Away!

If you’re a first time RV buyer, you’re bound to have a ton of questions. Do you need a new Class A gas RV or would a smaller pop-up camper work for you? Does your truck have the towing capacity for a fifth wheel RV or would a new Class C motorhome be a better choice? As soon as you’ve decided you’re interested in RVs generally, it’s a great time to connect with your local dealer to get some clarity about what exact type is right for you. 

Just like how a real estate agent knows the market and can help you find the right house, your local RV dealer: 

  • Can help you narrow down the models that would work best for your desired lifestyle. 
  • Will offer insights on the best models for where and when you want to travel, and have tips for seasonal maintenance needs. 
  • Share “best destinations” information and offer tips to help you get the most out of your trips.
  • Is a member of local RV clubs and can help get you connected with other RVers in the camping community. 

Visiting your local dealer early in your research process also lets the dealer know what you’re looking for. If you leave your contact info with them, they can reach out to you as soon as options that fit your needs become available. Otherwise, you might miss out on them, especially if they’re popular models. If that sounds like a key perk to you, consider… [insert RVT notification feature]. 

Finally, reaching out early means you can get an idea of new innovations that might be coming out within the next model year. There might be a feature you really like that is currently available only in the highest priced models, but will be coming out soon in a model that is more in your price range. Waiting till the next model year is released might be a better choice over trying to backfit an upgrade to the existing model. 

Any Time You Have Questions

It goes without saying – buying an RV can be an expensive endeavor! It’s best to take your time with your final decision and give yourself space to ask questions as you work through the research process. It’s not only beneficial to contact a dealer early in your research process, it’s also helpful to keep in contact with them even after your initial fact-finding. The more you get to know RVs and the adventure lifestyle, the more you’ll discover there is to learn. That’s why you should keep that dealer’s business card handy so you can call any time those questions come up. 

Keep in mind – a brand new dealership sales rep might not be able to answer all of your questions. They might be new to the RV business or new to the area. Don’t take that as a sign you need to give up on the dealership; simply ask if you could speak with somebody with a bit more experience. Especially for first time RV buyers, working with an experienced dealer rep is key to ensuring you get the right vehicle to fit your needs. 

Before Your Travel Season Starts

When do you plan on traveling? If it’s right away, then reach out to a dealer as soon as possible to give as much lead time for finding the best option in time for your travel season. And speaking of seasons, be sure to ask when is the dealer’s “busy season,”, as this could affect your purchase process. Inventory might start going quickly on models you like and make it harder to find a good deal if dealerships are busy. 

Visiting a dealer in their off-season could also be a good way to find sales that aren’t normally available. The dealer rep might also be able to spend more individual time with you, helping to ensure you can get all your questions answered. Plus, you want to give yourself plenty of time to browse and make your choice in time for whenever you’d like to use it.

The bottom line: buying an RV is a decision that rests on answering many questions, so browse all of RVT’s used and new RV listings and, when you find models you like, connect with the dealer as early as you can. You’ll find an ally in the process who can ensure you get the right vehicle for you and your dream adventures. 

By Audrey Somero

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