You have cruised the country and explored the great outdoors with your friends and family. However, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, downsize, or take a break from RVing entirely. Now you’re considering selling your RV, but when is the best time of year to sell your RV? Selling your motorhome or camper at its maximum value is something all used RV sellers desire. Read on to discover which season is optimal for selling your motorhome and other factors that may influence when it is ideal to sell.

Best Time to Sell

Typically, late winter into early spring (late January until the end of March) is the most ideal time of year to sell your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or other type of RV. Putting your rig on the market early in the year and having patience will buy you some time to make the sale less time-constraining. As camping season quickly approaches, hopeful prospective RVers will set their sights on purchasing a recreational vehicle. You can take advantage of this opportunity by offering your RV at a reasonable price, which may attract more potential buyers. It is ideal to put your rig on the market before RV sales are at its peak. This will catch shoppers before the market gets saturated with other tempting RV models and help maximize your selling price. Listing your RV for sale on an online marketplace, such as RVT, exposes more prospective RV owners to your unit. They can see photos and ask questions before coming to see it, which may help separate the serious buyers from the lookers. 

High Demand

Though there are “best months” to sell your RV, it is important to keep other factors in mind that could influence the best time of the year to sell your RV. For example, market conditions throughout the year may also help optimize your sale, including a high demand for used RVs. In particular, the weeks leading up to spring break are a prime time of the year to sell your used Class A motorhome or other recreational vehicle. Many wishful families plan vacations after being cooped up in their house during the winter, and they are eager to venture out. Since demand for RVs spikes just before spring break, you can capitalize on this opportunity. Likewise, geographical location may play a factor in the demand for your RV. If you live in a populated area in the south, you may have better luck at any time of the year compared to those who live in a rural, northern part of the country.

Low Inventory of New RVs

As with all products, RV dealerships experience bouts of high and low inventory throughout the year. Timing the sale of your used RV when dealerships are experiencing low inventory could pay off, especially if you own a model that is highly coveted. Another advantage of low supply of new RVs mixed with a high demand for RVs will increase the value of your RV. You might be able to sell your used RV at a slightly higher price than its normal market value.


It is not enough to simply know what months are optimal to sell your RV, it is also beneficial to know how to sell your RV during these peak months. Online marketplaces will give you an indication whether the market is in high demand for used RVs. Check various platforms frequently, including, to gauge the popularity of used RVs. Overall, RV popularity has increased since the pandemic, which is beneficial for a used RV seller – the demand for both new and used RVs currently is high.

Whether you are ready to sell your RV or not, understanding optimal times of the year for the market will help you out when you are ready to let go of your rig. Various factors come into play, especially if demand is high or if new RV inventory is low. Do your research before you place your RV on the market. 
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By Alex Hoyes

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