As RV season approaches and you start looking forward to campfires and road trips, perhaps you’ve realized it’s time to buy a new RV. You want to get the best deal possible, but when is the best time to purchase? As demand for RVs tends to fluctuate, it can be challenging to figure out. RVT has gathered some insights to help you determine the best time of year to purchase your new toy hauler, camper van, or other new RV.

Warmer Season or Colder Season

If you are considering purchasing an RV, take a moment and picture yourself in the seller’s shoes. If you had a new Class A motorhome for sale (or any other RV), you would most likely want to sell when demand is high—during warmer months. Because of this, there are ample recreational vehicles available during these times of the year on various marketplaces. Though the selection is widespread, dealerships, in particular, are less likely to provide any deal or discount due to increased demand.

On the other hand, purchasing a new RV during the colder season has its perks. The main reason is also due to demand—dealerships are much more willing to offer a deal because of the lower demand for RVs in the winter.

RV sales at dealerships tend to drop just after camping season ends—at the end of September and early October. Consequently, some of the best months to purchase a new RV are between November and January. This shopping season can be extended if you consider purchasing an RV located in the northern states. Since they experience cold weather longer than southern states, you may have an opportunity for great deals as early as September and until late February. Southern states may have fewer seasonal discounts because of their year-round camping appeal.

When you negotiate the deal with the dealership, ensure that you are provided with a warranty. Since new RVs typically come with a warranty, it is wise to ask for an extended warranty or discounts on accessories if the dealership is unwilling to knock the price down during the colder season.

Benefits of Hitting “The Right Season”

Waiting until the demand is lower has its advantages. First, you will save quite a bit of money up front if you are presented with a great deal. Additionally, this may enable you to upgrade to a slightly more state-of-the-art model if the cost remains in your price range. 

Visit RV Shows

Traveling to an RV show to be up close to your dream RV is advantageous. It allows you to experience the vehicle first-hand, gives you an opportunity to ask the salesperson questions about the rig, and enables you to view numerous motorhomes that pique your interest. In fact, some RV shows include over 1,000 motorhomes. As most dealerships are not eager to haul the RVs back to their respective lots, you may be able to strike a deal or discount that you otherwise wouldn’t at the dealership.

Other Opportune Times

The cold season is not the only time of year that’s ideal for purchasing a new RV. Other factors, such as buying on a holiday weekend during dealership sales, or when gas prices increase and shopper competition is lower, giving you an upper hand during negotiations, may also give you an opportunity for a deal. Likewise, the release of a brand-new model will force dealerships to sell off their older inventory to make room for the new units. Take advantage of this and negotiate!

Do Your Homework

Studying the current trends in the market may also help. If a dealership is offering you a discount that seems too good to be true, make sure the salesperson is not selling you a dud. Research the models you’re interested in and check out authentic reviews from other RV owners at sites like RVInsider before you commit. Go online to various dealerships and RV marketplaces like RVT to compare prices before you buy your new RV. RVT’s price checker can be a helpful tool as you research different models.

Buying a new RV is an exciting time for the prospective RVer, though it can be daunting. Do not be too hasty, however, and purchase your RV at the wrong time of the year. Wait until the demand for new RVs wanes in the colder months, or for other opportune times of the year. Your patience in the short term will pay off in the long run – enabling you to strike a great deal. If you are ready to explore new or used RVs, check out the online marketplace at

By Alex Hoyes

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