Hundreds of people list their used RVs for sale every day, and RVT was curious to find out sellers’ main motivations for selling their RV. We posted a survey to our private sellers to get the inside scoop on how long they have owned the RV they are considering selling; why they are selling; what strategies they are using to get their listing noticed; and if they are interested in buying another RV anytime in the near future. Here’s what they had to say:

Long-Haulers Are Staying The Course 

The majority of people in our sample who are selling have owned their current Class B+ camper van or other RV for three to five years (30.9%). The next closest group have been owners for one to two years (28.8%); and the next highest group has owned for less than one year (15.8%). RVers who have owned for six to 10 years came in at 13.7% and those who have been hitting the highway for more than 10 years represented 10.8%.

What’s The Motivation?

A total of 38% of the survey respondents said they are retiring from RVing completely and moving on to something else. Others were looking to either upgrade to a bigger unit or downsize to a smaller RV (30% total). Other reasons for selling included finding RVing too expensive in the current climate (7%); to make some quick, extra cash (7%); or because they thought it was a good time in the market to sell (6%).

Strategic Thinking

When asked about the strategies they’re using to sell their pre-owned Class A RV or other motorhome, 78% said they are using an online marketplace. About half are using social media to get the word out on their sales efforts. Other responses included just putting a “For Sale” sign on the vehicle (31%); selling or trading to a dealership (17%); or putting a classified ad in the local newspaper (16%).

Moving Up Or Moving On?

The last question we asked was if sellers were looking to buy again in the near future. Just over half said they were not looking to buy again at this time. On the other hand, 16.7% were looking to buy again immediately. Some were definitely thinking of buying again but not sure when (11.8%); some were undecided (10.8%); and some thought they’d be back in the market again within two years (7.8%).

What’s Behind Folks Leaving the RV Life?

While many folks are upgrading or downsizing to fit their present needs, there are others selling their used Class C motorhome or other RV on a more permanent basis.

Here are a few possible ideas as to why:

Post Pandemic

When the social distancing restrictions softened after the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies brought employees back into the office or into a “hybrid” work mode, which diminished opportunities for some to work while on the road.

Fuel Prices and Cost of Living

In some places, gas and diesel are at all time highs. Supply chain issues and rising costs for goods and services have also brought extra challenges. Some RVers are finding it costly to run their rigs and to fully enjoy all that RVing has to offer. 

Camping Costs

The cost of camping itself has also increased. Many campground owners responded to the post-COVID rush and raised their prices when it became apparent there was high competition among campers to use their facilities. 

RVing Takes Work

RV newbies may have found the regular tasks of RVing—such as setting up and taking down a site, or emptying and cleaning the black water tank—on top of routine RV maintenance were more than they initially bargained for.

Is RVing Dead?

No way; not by a long shot! As the economy continues to rebound, the costs of RVing will likely come down. Gas prices have been steadily dropping, too. For those who love the lifestyle, RVing will always be a way of life, and many shoppers are also discovering why buying an RV can be a good investment in the long run.

Just remember that if you ever want to buy or sell your RV, is an incredible tool with lots of features to help you with the decision.

By Barrett Baker

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