Each month we take a look at what our visitors search for on RVT.com. Here are the 5 most popular results along with walkthrough videos and standout features to help you in your search for the perfect travel trailer:

Airstream Flying Cloud

Standout feature: efficient climate control – this dual-ducted system easily and quickly cools the cabin, and does so in relative silence. It even features a heat pump that pulls ambient heat from the air to warm the travel trailer without using the furnace – and without causing condensation.

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Grand Design Imagine

Standout feature: LED lighting with motion sensors in key areas so you don’t have to worry about searching for light switches in the dark.

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Northwood Arctic Fox

Standout feature: all-season build quality

  • Northwood Built, Independently Certified, Off-Road Chassis
  • Fully Welded, Thick-Wall Aluminum Frame Construction
  • One-Piece, Corona Treated, Continuous Fiberglass
  • Hot, Polyurethane Laminated, Multi-Layered Substrate Walls
  • High Density Block Foam Insulation

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Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite

Standout feature: Wifi Booster – this will greatly improve and properly secure your wi-fi signal from any camping location that provides free wi-fi.

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Forest River R-Pod

Standout features: 36-gallon fresh water tank (which is the largest in this class), plus if you have a pet, the stock bowls and the frame-mounted utility hook will definitely warrant the extra water this summer.

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Keep an eye on this blog, and we’ll continue to update you on current trends, tips and tricks in the ever-evolving world of RVs.

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