Looking for the spaciousness of a home while you’re on the road?  We’ve got you covered.  Let’s take a look at RVT.com visitors’ most commonly searched for makes and models of Class A Diesel RVs in the last month, plus we’ve included trade show walkthrough videos from The RV Report, average price ranges, and consumer ratings from RVInsider.com.  Here we go.

Tiffin Allegro Bus

Standout feature: a 15,000 lb towing capacity paired with a focus on independent front and rear suspension and a low centre of gravity makes this unit easier to handle.

* average consumer rating: 4.25 stars

approx. price range (new): Mid $300,000s to lower / mid $500,000s *

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Newmar Dutch Star

Standout feature: polished porcelain tile and a sliding bedroom door with reeded glass inserts. Fresh styling cues include a full-paint grille and side-mounted LED clearance lights.

* average consumer rating: 4.25 stars

approx. price range (new): Mid $400,000s to lower $500,000s *

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Monaco Signature

Standout feature: an integrated touch panel control system for intuitive and flexible lighting and climate configuration; you can even change the light colour underneath the chassis.

* average consumer rating: 4.75 stars

approx. price range (new): Mid $300,000s *

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Entegra Coach Anthem

Standout feature: electrically powered steering technology decreases driver fatigue as it helps to compensate for crosswinds and automatically self-straightens for a smooth and comfortable driving experience, plus a blindspot monitoring system displayed on a digital dash screen.

* average consumer rating: 4.5 stars

approx. price range (new): Mid $300,000s to higher $500,000s *

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Holiday Rambler Endeavor

Standout feature: the walls feature an adhesive bonding process that applies up to 415,000-pounds of vacuum pressure to the welded-aluminum sidewall frame, bead-foam panel insulation, and fiberglass skin for more than 30 minutes — far exceeding industry standards to protect you from the elements.

* average consumer rating: 4 stars

approx. price range (new): Mid 200,000s to higher $300,000s *

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With this information in mind, we hope you feel more equipped to narrow down your search to the perfect Class A Diesel RV. Keep an eye on this blog, and we’ll continue to update you on current trends, tips and tricks in the ever-evolving world of RVs.

(*price ranges mentioned are approximate as of summer 2019)

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