Each month we take a look at what our visitors search for on RVT.com. Here are the 5 most popular results along with walkthrough videos, standout features and an average consumer star rating via rvinsider.com to help you in your search for the perfect 5th wheel:

Keystone Montana

Standout feature: 4G LTE and Wi-Fi prep – all units are equipped with an antenna that integrates 4G LTE (to be able to use data away from Wi-Fi) and Wi-Fi reception with standard VHF/UHF/AM/FM

* average consumer rating: 3.75 stars

Approx. Price Range (new): Lower mid $40,000s to mid $60,000s *

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DRV Mobile Suite

Standout feature: Heavy-duty 17.5″ Goodyear tires provide increased load capacity while staying cool on long hauls. They use truck tires, not RV tires, to ensure better performance and peace of mind.

* average consumer rating: 3.75 stars

Approx. Price Range (new): Mid $90,000s to higher $120,000s *

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Jayco Eagle

Standout feature: a roomy bunk area with foldout beds, which overall has optimal space and extra seating – perfect for kids.

* average consumer rating: 3.5 stars

Approx. Price Range (new): Lower $30,000s to $60,000+ *

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Grand Design Solitude

Standout feature: a chef-inspired stainless steel cooktop and oven with cast iron grills, and an electronic ignition oven with a digital display and built-in baking stone.

* average consumer rating: 4.2 stars

Approx. Price Range (new): High $60,000s to $100,000+ *

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Winnebago Micro Minnie

Standout feature: strong and light construction under 6,000 lbs. for easier towing – 2,500-lbs. of cargo carrying capacities and 3,000-lb. dry weight makes it SUV-towable.

* average consumer rating: 4.5 stars

Approx. Price Range (new): High $20,000s to low $40,000s *

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Keep an eye on this blog, and we’ll continue to update you on current trends, tips and tricks in the ever-evolving world of RVs.

(*price ranges mentioned are approximate as of spring / summer 2019)

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