If you’re interested in purchasing a Class B coach anytime soon, you just might find this article useful!

Looking for a coach that’s smaller?  Then, a Class B could possibly work for you. They’re easy to fit into parking spaces, great on gas and easy to pack up so you can hit the road!!

Today we offer you a deeper look into he Top 5 Most Viewed Class B RVs — viewed by RV shoppers on RVT.com.

Here’s a summary of the list below. Feel free to click the convenient shopping links as you browse through these much sought after Class Bs.

# 1 Roadtrek Popular 190


Coming in as # 1 Most Viewed Class B on RVT.com, the Roadtrek popular 190 is very comfortable, stylish and accommodating as some have been known to say.

Linda from South Carolina, says…

“It is small enough to take anywhere or park anywhere that you can with a regular vehicle, but large enough to sleep, eat and have bathroom facilities. It is like driving an SUV but having the luxury of sleeping and living anywhere you happen to be.  Whether it is an RV park, pull off the road area, Walmart parking lot, or great for tailgating. Amazing storage. Drive a while and pull over and sleep. Never pay for motel rooms again. We had a great trip from SC to Washington, up into British Columbia, Yukon, and into Alaska and back. The way to go.”
RVT.com Review

The Roadtrek Popular 190 coach has a lot of great features, here are a few that may ignite your interest: ( Depending on the year and options you choose )

  • Sleeping up to 2-3 people
  • Seating up to 6 people
  • Interior and exterior storage
  • Kitchen Appliances: refrigerator, microwave, two burner stove
  • Rotating driver and passenger seats, providing more seating
  • Volt start autostart battery protection technology ( Optional ) 
  • 24″ flat screen TV on rotating bracket ( Optional ) 
  • Solar panel includes 200W solar panel and charge controller ( Optional )


2017 Roadtrek Popular 190 is very modern, stylish and provides great interior lighting


Compact Kitchen with, two burner stove, microwave, sink and upper storage space

Lots of great seating features here with the option to turn around your passenger and driver seats!

Check out this useful High, Medium and Low Pricing Chart.  It shows the high, medium and low prices for all the Roadtrek Popular 190s, which are currently for sale on RVT.com.

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 #2 Pleasure-Way Ascent TS


The Pleasure-Way Ascent TS with a white exterior paint job, looking very classy!

Depending on the year and options you choose, the Pleasure-Way Ascent TS has some very appealing features.

As I looked a little further into all the bells and whistles, I was finding myself very impressed!

Jimmy from Texas says,

“We love our Pleasure-Way.  It does everything we want to do.  And also love the gas mileage.”
RVT.com Review 

Check out some of the features below:  ( Depending on the year and options you choose )

  • Interior LED lighting
  • Cruise control
  • Milky way Corian countertops
  • Blu-Ray player
  • Power awning
  • Air conditioning
  • Hardwood maple cabinets
  • Electric sofa
  • Monitor panel
  • Power locks
  • Exterior shower

You have everything you could possibly need with great cooking space, shower, toilet, and a perfect sleeping area


I’m really liking all the LED lights and windows surrounding, giving you that open feel. 

And, here’s your Pricing Chart which shows Low, Medium and High pricing for the Pleasure-Way Ascent TS on RVT.com

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 #3 Roadtrek Versatile 210


The Roadtrek company has been around since the 1970s and since then they have released many Class B coaches! Coming in the # 3 spot for most viewed Class Bs on RVT.com, we have the Roadtrek Versatile 210!!

Now when you enter you will notice 4 up front leather seats. The cool thing here is the passenger and driver seats rotate, which gives you extra seating. As you can see in the photo below, you have the option of placing a table in the middle.

This is a great space to make summer memories around the table with your family. Imagine enjoying your amazing meals, playing card games and laughing into the night.

A perfect setting to entertain the guests!

Let’s check out some more features: ( Depending on the year )

  • Large windows, bringing in natural light
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom toilet, sink, shower, and storage
  • Dinette turning into a queen size bed
  • Interior and exterior storage
  • Sleeps, 4 people
  • 7 Seat belts
  • Dvd player
  • Interior speakers

Another great seating area with comfortable sofas


The dinette turns into a full-size bed, how convenient is this!


High, medium, low pricing chart.

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#4 Erwin Hymer Group Sunlight V1


The Erwin Hymer Group just came out with the 2017 Sunlight V1!!

If you don’t know much about this manufacturer, they’re from Germany and have been the largest manufacturer in the European RV industry. Now they have recently partnered with Roadtrek and are currently building the Sunlight V1 in North America.

Here are some features that the Sunlight V1 has to offer:

  • Handy exterior storage to fit your dirty hiking boots, equipment etc.
  • Manual awning from Carefree of Colorado
  • Optional screen kit for side and back doors
  • Bathroom: hand shower, toilet and flip down sink
  • Two twin beds which turn into one large full-size bed
  • Interior surrounding lights
  • Kitchen: sink, microwave, and stove

Large exterior back doors, which are perfect for loading in your mountain bikes


Comfy twin beds which also turn into a full-size bed


Take a look at this short video by Jason.  He gives you a tour of the unit, inside and out and explains a bit more about this well-priced, affordable coach!  Jason is from Camping World which is only one of the many dealerships which now carry the Sunlight V1.

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#5 Winnebago Travato 59G


The Winnebago Travato 59G with a beautiful background! 

The Winnebago Travato 59G could be the perfect adventure explorer for your next road trip.

Features include: ( Depending on the year and options you choose )

  • Exterior speaker system
  • Porch light
  • Systems monitor panel
  • Tinted coach windows
  • Cruise control
  • Laminate countertop
  • Double bed w/access to storage below and mattress cover
  • Power door locks w/remote
  • 100-watt solar panel battery charger




Large bed in the back with bathroom attached


Here is the Travato 59G with the bed folded down.


This shot shows the Travato 50G with the bed folded up. Looks like ample room for walking past the bed, accessing the bathroom etc.


Here are two long single beds which are featured in the Travato 59K. Looks like a comfortable and convenient way to go. Also, notice the ample overhead storage. It makes for a comfortable coach. 


Bathroom at the rear in the model 59K again. Features toilet, flip a down sink, shower head, mirror and waterproof storage space. 

High, Medium, Low Pricing Chart.

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We hope you found it helpful to learn which Class Bs are really catching the eye of many of our most recent RV shoppers!

Check back with us next week as we feature, the Top 5 Most Viewed Class C RVs.

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