It’s time to sell your RV, and you want to list it for sale online.  You know you should probably take some fresh photos, so here are some tips designed to help you “make the sale” more quickly by providing RV shoppers with great pictures of your RV.

STAT:  RVs with photos get twice as many views as RVs with no photos.  Photography might not be something you’re great at, but if good pictures can earn you an extra $5,000 on your RV, or if you end up selling it several months faster, it is well worth investing a little extra time and attention.

Tips for RV Pics — DO’s …

  • DO use a good camera. iPhones and most new phones have good cameras.
  • DO clean off your lens.  Avoid smudgy or streaky looking pics.  Not what buyers want to see.
  • DO use an actual camera if you have one.
  • DO take your pictures on a sunny day.
  • DO take tons of pictures, and plan on choosing 30 or more of the very best for your Listing.
  • DO show off the best parts of your RV.
  • DO take identical pictures with slight changes – take a step right, get down on your knees, get in close, back up, etc. This gives more options when you start choosing only the best photos for your RV-for-sale Listing.
  • DO turn your phone sideways – vertical pictures are easier to take with the cell phone, but they don’t work as well as photos taken with your phone held horizontally.
  • DO have as much light as possible – turn on all the lights, and open the drapes and by all means, bring portable lighting into the RV with you for your photo shoot.  Buyers can be turned off by a dark looking RV.
  • DO take pictures from chest or neck height, the RV will look bigger and more open.
  • DO have your back against the wall, you want the RV looking as big as possible.
  • DO shoot the whole room from all different angles.  This gives buyers a really good visual “feel” for your floor plan.
  • DO shoot all the instrument panels but let your camera focus on them so buyers can actually read the controls.  This gives buyers great information about YOUR unit over other units they will look at as well.
  • DO make the bed, even if the blankets aren’t for sale.
  • DO have the RV as clean as possible.  Detail it inside and out.
  • DO “stage” the RV. Remove all your personal belongings, no knick-knacks, no cute little signs, no dishes, no condiments, no bathroom stuff etc.
  • DO set the table nicely, put fresh cut flowers in a vase and light the room up!  It’s called staging!
  • DO take pictures of the bathroom(s).
  • It’s OK to include your smiling faces.
  • DO include items you mention in the written Description of your RV, like the dent on the left side, or how the shower is so spacious.

NOTE:  Sellers with 30 pictures on their RV Classified Listings get 60% MORE inquiries than sellers with 20 or fewer photos.

Tips for RV Pics — DON’Ts …

  • DON’T use your old flip phone, or a camera that uses actual rolls of film.
  • DON’T slant your camera, stay level with the floor.
  • DON’T take shaky pictures.  If this is an issue for you, brace your elbow(s) against something stable.
  • DON’T use blurry pictures.  Most cameras will focus automatically if you wait a couple seconds.  Discard and do not use blurry pics.
  • DON’T have For Sale signs or garbage visible.
  • DON’T use old pictures. If the unit has changed for better or worse, take new photos. If the last photos you have of your RV are 2 years old, don’t use them.
  • DON’T steal photos from Google Images or from other sellers. It’s just not ethical.

Shots to Include:


  • Front, angled shot of the RV. This “Large and In Charge” shot is probably your main picture.
  • Front from the other side.
  • Rear.
  • Slides and awnings, in and out.
  • Your RV looking impressive in the driveway or street.
  • Storage underneath (light it up).
  • Engine.
  • Generator.
  • Water, power connections.
  • Hitch mechanisms.
  • Control switches and panels.
  • Waste water outlets.
  • Front cap.
  • Tires and treads.
  • Outdoor kitchens, TVs, or sound systems.


  • Shot from the front looking back.  If it’s gorgeous, this could be used as your main photo.
  • Stairs/handrails.
  • Living room.
  • Dashboard.
  • Cockpit and co-pilot seating areas.
  • Instrument panels.
  • Long shot down the RV’s inside.
  • Long shot from the back to the front.
  • Bathroom.
  • Bedroom.
  • Kitchen.
  • Cabinetry with drawers open and closed.
  • Appliances.
  • Washer / dryer.
  • Couch with the bed folded in and out.
  • Dinette folded into a bed plus in its normal dinette configuration.

Examples of Great RV Photos:

Some RV Dealers are great at taking photos of their units, and some … not so much!

Take a moment now and look at virtually any of the Listings of these RV dealers below.

Their RV photography is consistently above average.

Woodard RV

Voyager RV

Independence RV

If you’re selling your RV, great photos on your Listing is a very significant key to your success.

By following some of the DO’s and DON’Ts above, your photos will help you compete with the best Dealers’ RV photography.  And, you might just be the one who ends up “making the sale!”

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