Anyone who has sat around a fire at an RV campground a time or two in their life has probably heard enough stories to last a lifetime. From the laugh out loud moments to the unbelievable, RVers love to share their stories. Regardless of how big the fish really was or many touchdowns they really scored “back in their day,” the stories are fun, exciting and bring RVers together, from all walks of life. It’s part of what makes the RV lifestyle special and fun.

While you’re typically used to sharing stories with your fellow RVers, RV sales consultants have quite a few stories to share themselves. Some of the sales representatives at Guaranty RV, in Junction City, Oregon, have been in the RV business for nearly 40 years and as you can imagine, they have a few stories to tell.

From Junction City, Oregon to Saudi Arabia

Gary Christiance has been helping customers find the right RV since 1981. In 1996 though, he received an interesting letter from Saudi Arabia inquiring about an RV.

“They were teachers at an oil company and through no email, through other communications, I set up a sale for them to purchase a campervan, a Roadtrek. It was quite interesting seeing pictures of their surroundings and where they live.”

One more thing…

Customers can sometimes make some interesting requests when purchasing an RV, but one request was just fine with Gary.

“Then they informed me that I need to outfit it so it could go to Europe…”

That’s right, one of Gary’s customers had actually requested their van to be outfitted for a European trip. The customers attended a family member’s wedding in Scotland and then spent the next 18 months traveling around Europe. Sounds pretty fun to me!

Vets Reunited

It’s hard to get to really know someone when a lead originates from an online source, but once the phone calls started, “Smitty,” and one particular customer found out they had a lot more in common than just an interest in RVs.

“We both found out we were Vietnam Vets… and they actually drove out from Texas to buy that coach! Since then, I’ve actually sold them two motorhomes and they’ve become very good friends.”

An elevator for your RV?

Believe it or not, RV consultants do have some down time in their days. While surfing the web (purely for research only), Lindsay Hargett stumbled across an article on extreme RVing and decided to give it a look.

“They show a gentleman using a elevator to bring his coach down into the basement… I recognized the RV and recognized the gentleman and I say hey, I sold that coach!”

Sounds extreme, but in this industry, you never know what you’re going to encounter from day to day. Customers from all around the world have wonderful stories they share and bring to a dealership every day.

To watch these interviews in their entirety and to hear more fun stories from these salesman and more, check out the video above (if you haven’t already).

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