In a comment to our post How to Sell Your RV Online, Zeth W. wrote:

“Does RVT require payment, or is the listing service free? If it isn’t free, what makes RVT better than Craigs List?”

Excellent questions, Zeth. Let’s compare and Craigslist to see which site is the better choice when you want to buy or sell an RV online.

1. Both and Craigslist post online classified ads; however, is exclusively dedicated to posting RV sales listings while Craigslist offers all kinds of things for sale, as well as job listings, real estate, personals and other things unrelated to RV sales. specifically targets motivated RV buyers and sellers, ensuring that site traffic is focused on RV sales.

2. Both and Craigslist offer free classified ads; however, ad presentation is vastly different. On Craigslist, your ad appears as a line of type in a long list of typed lines. Only a brief description of your RV is displayed. The word “pic” indicates that photos are available. Shoppers have to click a link to see what’s being sold. On, all ads, including our Basic FREE ad, are displayed in a thumbnail photo format that includes year, RV model, price and location. It’s the picture display that makes the difference. People scan and process photos much more quickly than lines of type, allowing RV buyers to target and open ads more quickly on

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