Have you ever visited an RV Dealer’s lot (or shopped for an RV online) and NOT been able to find exactly the unit you’ve been dreaming about?

You have a fairly specific set of needs (and wants!) for your next RV.  After all, forcing yourself to “settle for” an RV that’s not exactly what you’re after is just not going to work for you — any longer.

And, so you do what roughly 20% of all buyers do … you ask your Sales Rep to “keep an eye out” for you.  Your request goes something like this …

“Hey, if you ever get in a decent used bunkhouse
under 30 ft., let me know, OK?”  

He or she assures you they’ll let you know the minute they get one in.

But, do you ever hear back?  Seldom, if ever.

This age-old and completely unaccountable “system” can be very frustrating for buyers and dealers alike and can lead to disappointment, dissatisfaction and a loss of valuable time.

So, what can be done?  Perhaps it’s time to take matters into your own hands!

Set an “Alert” for the exact RV you’re searching for!

An “Alert” allows you to …

  1. First, describe the RV you want and
  2. Then, receive confidential email Notifications (within 24 hours) whenever one of your desired RVs becomes listed for sale on RVT.com.
  3. And … you get to choose to receive Notifications from your Region only — or Nation-wide.

Here’s how to set your very own private Alert:

  • In the upper right hand corner of RVT.com, click on Account and click on Join MyRVT.

  • Once you’re logged in, click on Alerts in the left hand menu selections, like this:

Now describe the RV you’re searching for by working your way through the simple form.  Set your desired …

  • RV Category (Class A, B, C, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel etc.)
  • State / Prov
  • Zip + your allowable distance away from your location
  • Choose any RV Manufacturer
  • Any Brand you like
  • Pick the exact Model you’re after — if you know it
  • Select your preferred Year(s)
  • Set the Length parameters you want
  • Identify your desired Price range
  • Add Keywords and your email address

Then, wait for your Notifications to arrive by email!

By setting up a simple Alert for yourself, whenever an RV that matches your wish list gets listed for sale on RVT.com, you will be the first to know.

Here’s another handy way to set up Alerts:

From any Search on RVT.com, click the “Create an Alert” link like this:

Here is a Search for Roadtrek Popular 190’s.  Click “Create an Alert” and then set additional parameters that apply to you, i.e. max. 150 miles from Zip 98125 etc.

Other advantages of RVT’s Alerts include:

  • You can set as many Alerts as you like.
  • The system will not forget about you!
  • It will be tough for a Dealer to sell your desired unit to another buyer because you will have received an email about the unit within 24 hours of it going up for sale.
  • You do not have to buy anything or even contact the Dealer, but at least you now know that Dealer has your desired unit in stock.
  • Your Alerts are completely confidential.  Dealers do not know who you are or what you’re looking for.  This is nice because you will not have to deal with a Sales Rep who may be contacting you about units that do not match your requirements.
  • You can turn your Alerts on and off any time you like!

Roughly 20% of RV shoppers are looking for something specific that Dealers do not have in stock.  Dealers will definitely “keep an eye out” for you, but they’re only human.  To avoid disappointment, set yourself a simple Alert today!


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