The Internet makes shopping so easy and convenient that the majority of RV buyers now start their search for a new or used RV online. Thousands of these potential RV buyers visit every day where 500 or more RVs are sold every month. is the North American leader in online RV classified advertising. In a typical month, nearly half a million folks visit the RVT website which receives 2.4 million ad views monthly. Listing your RV for sale on guarantees it a national audience of motivated RV buyers. makes it easy to list your RV for sale online. We walk you through the RV ad process in five easy steps with plenty of helpful tips along the way:

1. Select your ad options and decide how long you want your ad to run. Make your ad stand out by adding bold or red type. Consider our cost effective “run until sold” option.

2. Set up a free, secure User Account. This allows you to place ads, make free changes to your ads, and use our auto-notify service.

3. Create your ad. RVT gives you unlimited space to describe your RV’s features.

4. Pay for your ad on our secure site to activate your listing. Or you can mail a check or money order.

5. Upload 12 digital photos to your ad free or upgrade to 24 photos. Or mail in your photos and we’ll upload them for you. Don’t forget to add free video.

For a more comprehensive guide check out our How To Sell Your RV page.

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