Is your current RV serving you well? Maybe your family has grown, or even downsized. Maybe you have some fun toys such as motorcycles, golf carts or wave runners you want to enjoy on your RV trips. Whatever the reason, you may be ready to trade in your trusty rig for something that is a better fit. Here are 9 tips to help you figure out if this is the right time to trade in your RV for something new.

  1. Your lifestyle has changed. Did any of these life changing events happen to you?
  • Injuries. Back injuries in particular can determine how much lifting and driving you may be able to do. If you find your current physical limitations are limiting your enjoyment of your RV, perhaps something more easy to handle, or drive and set up is your best option. 
  • Kids. Are you new empty nesters? Maybe you can now downsize comfortably. New addition? Getting a BH model (bunk house) could make the sleeping arrangements simpler. 
  • Remote work. Perhaps your schedule is now a lot more flexible than before and you can hit the road more often. OR, perhaps you need a desk-style set up in your RV. 
  • Retirement. If you can be on the road more or live in your RV during the winter months, a larger luxury style RV may be the best thing for your new freedom-centric lifestyle. 

If these examples sound like you, it may be time to evaluate whether your current RV meets your needs. 

  1. Your rig is old. If your RV is older than 10 years, some major maintenance may be due. Re-sealing the roof, new bearings in tires, generator lifespan, original appliances may start becoming issues at this RV age. Add up the costs of what your RV may need, and weigh that against the down payment of a new RV.
  1. Your RV is now valuable. RV prices have risen 10% or more in the last 9 months. Is your RV more valuable than you thought? If so, you may be able to leverage that gain and get a more suitable RV for you. 
  1. You want something easier to handle. If you have been driving a larger rig – say, a 42 foot fifth wheel for example, or  have been finding it hard to maneuver and camp in, you may want to think about finding something more manageable . 
  1. You are ready to move up to a “big rig.” You’ve put in your miles, made your beginner mistakes, learned some lessons and are now in your RV comfort zone. If this sounds like you, consider upgrading your Class B to a Class C, or your C to a Coach (Class A). 
  1. You are planning to spend more or less time on the road. If you are changing your RV style from less travel to more stay-in-one-place camping, think about whether the rig you bought for low mileage or sleek design is now the best choice for you. You may be happier in a travel trailer with more room to roam, for example, than the class B you bought as a road warrior. 
  1. You want to bring the toys. Toy Haulers are one of the fastest growing categories of RVs for sale, thanks to the new interest in ATVs, motorcycles, and electric bikes and other fun toys. A Toy Hauler can give you the garage room needed to bring along these fun things, safely and securely. In addition, if you have decided your new toy (such as a boat or auto) needs to be towed, you may want to check out an RV for sale that can safely tow. 
  1. You found a great deal on something great. This is a terrific time to sell your RV! Values are more stable than they have been in recent history, and with dealers low on inventory they are welcoming trade-ins. Leverage this “sellers market” to get the most you can for your current RV. 
  1. You simply want a change. Maybe you bought your first RV with expectations of what you needed, only to find a year in that you desire something different. Everyone has their “Experiment Rig” – that first RV where you make all the mistakes and find out what you really want. Do not be embarrassed to admit your first choice wasn’t the permanent one. 

Whatever the reason, RVT is here for you during your RV search. Find your next RV here with us from our private sellers and quality dealers. Happy camping!

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