I want to talk with you today about how my husband John and I went about choosing an RV and then making it ours. We discussed the type of RV we would need for what we wanted to do. Our plan was to travel extensively through the Southwest and California for an extended period.

We loved the maneuverability, flexibility and affordability of fifth-wheel trailers.

We knew that we wanted to stay under the 30-foot length limit for camping in many of the state and county parks.

Based on years of experience, John and I knew that we liked to enter an RV through a rear door leading into a living room with large windows. We like natural light and to take advantage of views. We preferred a built-in dinette versus a table and chairs, and a sofa to arm chairs in the living space. I knew that I wanted enough head space in the bedroom to be able to stand when making the bed.

Our search began. We looked online and we went to dealers in our area to look at different models. Eventually we came upon a twenty-nine-foot fifth-wheel 2010 JAZZ 2550 RL trailer.

Upon entering through the RV’s rear door, we immediately loved the large windows, the wooden cabinetry and trim and the Tahitian motif. Cabinets and drawers seemed plentiful for storage. The kitchen looked modern with a faux marble counter. The entertainment center was a good configuration and height for television viewing from the sofa. The bedroom area had floor to ceiling space tall enough for standing and there was a wardrobe in the hallway. We wanted enough space for hanging clothes in the event we needed to go to work for a period of time from the RV. After spending some time alone with the Jazz imagining our lives in it, we decided that it was the one.

We ordered our RV from the dealer that day and they promised that they would have one for us within a matter of weeks.

Once the Jazz arrived, it was time to set about making it our own. John and I discussed what it would take to be really comfortable and agreed on less than ten immediate alterations and additions.

The first project was to replace the particle board bed platform with a strong, breathable and longer platform that John built.

We chose a rechargeable twelve volt Electrolux vacuum and installed it at the end of the wardrobe – out of the way but handy.

A corner shelf under the medicine cabinet and above the sink gave some much needed counter space. We installed sturdy hooks in the bedroom and bathroom for hanging. We changed out the glass shower door for a shower curtain and rod to give more space when showering. We had learned that it’s not fun bumping and banging the elbows.

We mounted an oil-filled electric heater up front in the bedroom as we would be in cooler, moist climates and prefer the quiet, even temperature of electric to propane. We mounted an electric air circulating heater on a cabinet wall in the living area.

A toaster oven attached to the underside of a kitchen cabinet not only saves counter space but allows an alternative to heating up the propane oven. We love this addition!

We added a shelf and outlets to store and charge both our laptops in a cabinet above the dinette area. We put skid resistant foam on the shelves to hold the laptops in place while traveling.

We’ve traveled extensively since getting the Jazz and we love it as much today as we did the day we took it home. With some forethought and a little ingenuity, traveling in your personalized RV can be one of the greatest pleasures in life!

Happy travels my friends.

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