For many RVers, there comes a time when the current rig isn’t providing the space, comfort, or amenities needed or wanted, and it’s time to put the current vehicle up for sale in order to upgrade to one of the brand new RVs available on the market.

Whether you’re an individual or dealership, to get the most interest and responses to your for-sale listing, you’ll need to upload plenty of great photos that will provide a “virtual tour” of all the features your RV has to offer. To help you out, RVT is breaking down how to take picture-perfect photos of your RV for your for-sale listing.

You don’t have professional camera equipment? No worries. Even if you’re not a professional photographer and don’t want to spend the money to hire one, smartphone cameras are amazingly sophisticated now and provide great results without much effort.

Just remember, think like a buyer when taking your photos. What would they like to see? How can you best represent the features of your RV? What are the features you really want to highlight? When you put yourself in their shoes, you’ll have a better mindset to take fantastic shots of your pre-owned RV.

Cleanliness is Critical

Before you even pick up the camera, you need to make your RV look its very best. Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle, clean the interior windows, and wipe down all interior surfaces. Remove all clutter and trash. Remove all “For Sale” signs if you have any.

Next, look for a background setting that will be a nice frame for your exterior shots. Driveway or parking lot pictures are fine, but if you can put your RV in a “camping” setting, you can create more dramatic results if there is a lake, or mountains, or trees adding to the appeal of the photos.

Once positioned, be sure to also clean up the area around the site. Make sure you don’t accidentally get a garbage can or anything else in the shot that will detract from the beauty of the setting and aesthetic appeal of your Class B camper van or other RV.

Set the Stage

You can add even greater appeal to your photos by “staging” your shots like real estate agents do with homes. Outside, set up some camp chairs and RV skirting or an apron. Inside, set the dining room table with utensils, plates, and glasses, and add a vase with flowers or some other centerpiece.

Make sure the beds have linens and blankets and are freshly made. Add some nice throw-rugs to the floors. Place books and family photos in appropriate areas to give your RV a feeling of “home.” While none of these features will transfer with the sale, staging helps people envision what personal touches can do to make the RV more comforting.

Light It Up

When taking pictures, try to avoid flash photography or artificial lighting when possible. Natural light is best.

For exterior shots, cloudy days are actually okay as long as the clouds don’t ruin the composition of the background. Otherwise, it is generally best to shoot one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset for the best quality lighting. Sunlight during the middle of the day tends to be harsh and causes hard shadows. If you shoot at other times of the day, be sure to watch for shadows and reflections.

For interior shots of your used Class C RV or other motorhome, open curtains and blinds fully to allow in as much natural light as possible. Take a test shot and review it before you start shooting everything. Today’s smartphone cameras are exceptional at choosing the right settings for you, but if things are too bright and wash out the subject of your shots, you can adjust the blinds or curtains as needed.

Fire When Ready

Don’t take a single photo without making sure your lens(es) are clean and clear of smudges or dust. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you have taken lots of great shots only to review them later to find they were actually blurry. 

Once you know your lens is clean, take a lot of pictures from different angles so you can decide which ones you like best later. Turn the camera on its side to take horizontal shots versus vertical photos. Shoot every room and feel free to zoom in on special features, such as the set dining table.

Many smartphones also have photo editing features, so if you’re not quite happy with a shot, you can adjust the brightness or adjust the contrast. 

Find your buyer.

When you’re ready to list, posting your RV for-sale on RVT will expose your vehicle to thousands of potential buyers who might just be looking for what you have to offer. Let us help you make your selling experience as carefree and speedy as possible.

By Barrett Baker

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