Your RV has been your trusty sidekick through mountain adventures, beachside sunrises, and everything in between. But now it’s time to sell your used RV to a new camping enthusiast who will love it as much as you do. But how can you guarantee interest in your unit? Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional marketer to drum up interest in your unit. All you need to do is follow these tips from RVT to make sure your RV is really well “staged” for maximum impact leading to a quick and profitable sale.

1. Minimize Visual Clutter

There’s a reason the minimalist movement has gained so much traction – the more items in your field of vision, the more chaotic a space can feel. This is especially true inside a home on wheels, where space comes at a premium. If floors and countertops are covered in appliances, toys, or dishes, it might look like your RV doesn’t have enough storage or living space and could quickly turn off potential buyers. 

Keep floors, countertops and furniture cleared of clutter to let the fullness of the space take center stage.

2. Keep it Neutral

Zebra stripes and neon chevrons might be your go-to RV decor, but those bold prints and colors could turn off potential buyers. They can dominate the photo, making the space seem smaller than it really is. Remember: the goal is to help the buyer envision themselves living in your Pre-Owned Class C motorhome or other RV. 

Keep decor like bedding, pillows and curtains light and neutral, allowing the eyes to focus on the space as a whole and making it seem larger. If you want pops of color, you can always use fresh flowers or small wall accents. On the flipside, be sure not to go too overboard using only light colors – buyers with small children or pets might get intimidated by the cleaning required to maintain an all-white interior! 

3. Use Light to Your Advantage

For daytime photos, maximize natural light by pulling back curtains and opening any blinds or sunroofs. This will illuminate the interior, minimizing the need for using a flash when taking your pictures (and the harsh shadows that come with it). For evening shots, consider hanging string lights in your awning area to convey how versatile a space it can be for parties or romantic getaways. 

4. Capture the Lifestyle

RV buyers dream of sweeping vistas, fresh air, and grand adventures set against a backdrop of everything nature has to offer. Take a cue from Instagram, and capture these natural elements in your photos.

Show a steaming cup of coffee resting on the counter with a mountain view in the background, or your laptop on the exterior dining table surrounded by fall foliage. Not every picture needs to be this stylized, but if you can show buyers the potential lifestyle they can achieve with your Used Travel Trailer or other RV, the more likely they’ll be interested in purchasing it. 

5. Use Props Strategically

Reducing clutter doesn’t mean having a space that feels sterile. Make your RV look clean and cozy by using props in key areas you photograph. In addition to making it look like home, prop placement can also help give your potential buyers the true scale of each space. Some examples include:

  • Setting the table with plates, silverware and drinkware
  • Placing a small stack of books by a bedside table
  • Laying a welcome mat in front of the door outside
  • Adding a bowl of fruit and some small food items in the fridge
  • Turning on the fireplace if you have one
  • Placing chairs under your awning to highlight it as additional living space

6. Highlight Unique or Luxury Features

Does your RV have an outdoor and indoor fridge? Is there a hidden pantry compartment? Do you have solar panels that help generate power? Whatever fun, unique, or luxury features your RV has, don’t just leave them in your listing description – include them in your photos! These unique features can often be the difference between potential buyers contacting you or deciding to move on. So pull out that hidden pantry, or open your outdoor fridge door to show what can be stored inside, and snap away.

BONUS TIP – Look Online for Inspiration

When in doubt, scope things out. Search social media for unique photo ideas, and check listings to see what other sellers are including in their photos. And pay attention to things that aren’t included in those photos – you can always incorporate them into yours to stand out from the crowd.

By Audrey Somero 

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