Are you looking to upsize, downsize, or leave the RV lifestyle altogether this season? Heading into spring is a good time to buy or sell an RV. Camping season is on the horizon and many people are already starting to plan their travels. Deals are often available at this time of year (great for buyers), and folks are interested in looking at new and used RVs for sale (great for sellers). If you need to sell your unit, we have some tips to help you list your RV for sale on RVT, as well as recommendations for preparing your rig for viewing.

How to List Your Unit on RVT

  1. Get Started
    On the RVT homepage, hover your mouse over ‘Sell’ in the top navigation. A drop down menu will appear and you can click on ‘Sell an RV’. This will take you to a page where you can view options for listing your unit for sale on RVT. Click the red ‘Get Started’ button to view RVT’s ad packages.
Image of RVT homepage with Sell dropdown menu selected
Select ‘Sell an RV’ from the ‘Sell’ drop down menu
Image of the Sell page with the Get Started button highlighted
Click on the ‘Get Started’ button
  1. Choose an Ad Package
    RVT has a variety of ad packages available for advertising your unit. Choose the exposure that’s right for you. Keep in mind that the better the package, the more ad features you get access to, helping you sell your Class C motorhome, campervan or other RV faster.
    • Basic ads run for 30 days and include 5 photos.
    •  Standard ads run until sold and include 10 photos
    • Premium ads run until sold and include 30 photos and video
    • Ultimate ads run until sold and include video and unlimited photos
    Clicking on ‘Details’  beneath the package type will reveal the features for all packages so you can easily compare. 
Image of the ad packages: Ultimate, Premium, Standard and Basic.
Select a package. Click on ‘details’ to see all of the package features.
  1. Create Your RVT Account or Log In
    Create your RVT account and set a password. Once you create your RVT account, or log in if you’ve created an account previously, you can start generating your listing, including setting the price, uploading your photos, and adding your RV description. Having an account allows you to see activity and leads for your listing, as well as make any necessary changes to your listing.
Image of RVT account creation form
Create your RVT account to begin generating your listing
  1. Set a Competitive Price
    For help determining the current market value of any new or used RV, use the price checker and JD Power RV Values search features on These will run simultaneous searches on RVT and JD Power, showing you what’s out there matching your unit and the current value for it. Once you’re familiar with the average price for your Class A RV or other unit, you can set your own price competitively.
  1. Take Clear Photos and/or Video of Your Unit
    This is a key component of selling your RV. Buyers want to see clear pictures of everything, including bathrooms, bedrooms, storage, cockpit, and exterior. Also take shots of any special features your RV has. Ensure your RV is clean and polished before you take your pictures. If possible, take your photos on a sunny day, and include exterior photos taken at different angles. For more insight, check out these great tips for how to take picture-perfect photos of your RV. Consider also adding a video to provide potential buyers with a virtual walkthrough of your RV. Once you’ve taken your photos and video, upload them to your listing.  
  1. Write a Comprehensive and Compelling Ad Description
    Beyond listing basics like year, make, model, length, price, and type, take the time to highlight all the best features of your RV. The more comprehensive your description, the fewer questions you may have to field from interested buyers later. Some points to include: why you’re selling your RV, prior maintenance, any issues which may be outstanding, upgrades added, warranty information and transfer fees (if applicable), plus payment options. If you are firm on the price, let them know that in your ad.

  2. Preview Your Ad and Checkout
    Once you’ve reviewed your ad and it’s to your satisfaction, submit your listing and complete the easy check-out process. All listings go through a screening process and, when approved, go live within 48 hours. Your RV will now be visible to millions of RV buyers. Changes and updates can be made to your ad anytime from your “MyRVT” user panel. 

Remember to respond promptly when you receive inquiries about your unit. Buyers who are actively searching likely won’t wait long before moving on to the next RV on their list.

Preparing Your RV for Sale

Thoroughly Clean Your RV
A clean unit is imperative both for photos and for in-person walk-throughs with potential buyers. It’s easier to sell a clean RV, and you’ll likely get a better price for it. Clean your RV inside and out, consider shampooing the carpets and polishing the exterior. Don’t forget to regularly wipe down any commonly touched areas, including the steering wheel (if applicable), table, cupboard pulls, appliances, etc. 

Fix Anything That’s Broken
Now that your rig is clean, fix any minor issues like missing screws, burnt out lightbulbs, broken fixtures etc.

Check Your Systems
Make sure all your systems are running properly, including air conditioning and furnace, pipes, water pump, water heater, and the holding tanks. For motorhomes, ensure the engine is running properly. Make sure any major issues are fixed.

Take Note of Upgrades
Let buyers know of any upgrades you’ve made and remove anything you aren’t selling with the RV. For example, if you’re keeping your lithium ion battery or solar kit, make sure it isn’t displayed with the RV, or disclose to potential buyers that they aren’t included.

Make Sure You Have the Title for Your RV
If you don’t have title documents, make sure you get a new one before you try to sell your RV. Each state/province has different requirements to get a new title, but providing the bill or sale and the VIN number is a good start. Get in touch with your local DMV for the exact requirements.

We hope these tips help you as you list your RV for sale on RVT. Wondering about selling safely? Check out these tips for safe transactions when buying or selling an RV. If you are looking for a new or used RV, check out all the units available across the US and Canada on

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