I am a single woman who lives in a moderate, but beautifully landscaped home with an above-ground pool. It’s a gardener’s paradise in Georgia and I’ve loved this place, but as I am getting near retirement age I’m suddenly finding myself wanting to be freed from the maintenance required to garden. Being on a school teacher’s salary I don’t have the luxury of paying someone to mow my lawn, and it’s becoming more and more of a dread as the grass grows with Southern vigor!

My Lovely Abode

My Lovely Abode

So I got this idea to buy an RV and live in it, unencumbered by the daily chores required of house living. I had never even been in an RV (never mind live in one), but my pioneer spirit is prevailing and I’ve been shopping online for nearly a year to find the perfect RV home.

The conclusion that I’ve come to is that I simply cannot afford an RV that is comparable to all of the creature comforts I’ve grown accustomed to, such as a washer-dryer, vacuum cleaner, porcelain toilet, and the same level of privacy.

My heart was set on an Outdoors RV model Wind River 270RLDS (http://outdoorsrvmfg.com), only to find out that they cannot be found on the East Coast of USA. I chose this company because of the 4-season features and the quality of the RV. So, instead, I took a drive to a local RV dealer and found a used Franklin, a company I’d never heard of (and it looks like their website is under construction).

Some details on the unit I'm looking at

Some details on the unit I’m looking at

After checking out the unit I wanted some reassurance from the salesman about how to use the bathroom toilet, and better yet how to dump the waste – I really do not want to deal with smelly sewer stuff, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it. The salesman kinda looked at me following my question as if I was worrying about nothing, and he said to just hook it up to a hose and flush (he’s assuming that I know where this hose is located). I’ve visited Youtube to see how to clean the black water tank and it doesn’t look that hard, but for a hands-on learner like me I won’t know how to do this until it’s time. This is the only time I wish I had a husband :))) LOL.

The toilet in question

The toilet in question

Then there’s the issue of learning to drive a pick-up truck (which I don’t have yet, and my Honda Civic won’t pull a 32-foot RV!); and how will I learn how to tow this huge monster?

The sales guy reassured me by saying that they would deliver the RV to my door, so at least I’ll have it in my driveway to load it up with whatever I can fit in it from my home. That ought to be an experience to tell, seeing there aren’t a lot of closets in this rig!

So, I’m teetering on the brink of a lifestyle change and wondering: Should I go ahead and take the plunge into unforeseen waters as a full-time RVer, or am I getting senile at an early age and need to go lay down and take a reality nap?

Yours truly,

DeVora Clark

IMG_1074Author Bio: I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist making a huge decision in the planning of my future retirement to go into full-time RVing, to sing wherever God leads me. This is a total faith walk, as I knew nothing about RV’s when I started shopping for one a year ago. I’m working with an RV sales rep in Woodstock, Georgia, whose name is Samantha. My website featuring my music can be found here: www.devoraclark.com

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