RV owners love to review the RVs they’ve owned!  We’ve pulled from these owner reviews to let you, the RV shopper, know which Makes, Brands and Models of motorhomes are top-reviewed by RV’ers.  Previously we shared the best-reviewed Class A – Diesel’s RVs.  Here, we look at Class A – Gas Models.

The criteria used was a minimum of 5 reviews (most had a lot more), and a minimum rating of 4.88 out of 5 stars (overall average rating for all Class A – Gas RVs was 4.09). We’ve also done some minor grammar edits.

Here’s the list of the top 5 consumer-rated Class A – Gas RVs:

Tiffin Allegro Bay
Fleetwood Terra LX
Tiffin Allegro Open Road
Winnebago Voyage
Damon Challenger

Tiffin Allegro Bay

Tiffin’s last year producing the Allegro Bay was in 2010, however there are a lot of used units still available, and while all the RVs here are top-reviewed, the Allegro Bay has twice as many as any other RV. If you’re in the market for a used Class A – Gas, this is first on the list for a reason. But if you’re looking for something newer, Tiffin’s Allegro series is still going strong.

Here’s some of the highlights from the Allegro Bay:

  • Consistent high quality in everything.
  • Manufacturer is great to work with.

Quality is a huge theme among Tiffin owners:

“We looked at a lot of motor homes before we purchased this model. We really thought about it, because of the money, but well worth every penny. We did our yearly maintenance at the Tiffin factory right in Red Bay, Alabama. They allow you to camp right there at the factory and you meet so many other Tiffin owners who also love their motor homes. The quality is exceptional.”

Terry C.

And, for many, it’s all about the memories you’re making along the way!

“Spent almost 3 yrs full timing and it was a great coach to live in. The shower is larger with a seat, the washer/dryer is a major convenience. Wonderful experience and circled the continental USA and even saw Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.”


Such great compliments about this manufacturer!

“Very happy with this RV. The manufacturer’s service is outstanding. Went to Red Bay, Alabama for service and was totally satisfied. I did not buy this coach new and was not under warranty. The cost of what I asked them to do was very reasonable and the staff was outstanding.”

Paul L.

“The wife and I have been RVing for over 45 yrs. in 13 different units. This Motorhome is by far the best one of all. Mfg. bends over backwards to make you happy.”

James W.

Full timing (or nearly full timing) it still gets 5 stars.

“We have lived in it 5 months a year for 10 yrs and love it!”

Dean S.

“If we could buy another, it would definitely be a Tiffin product.”

Marilyn H.

“Tows large vehicles and boats with ease. Tiffin is certainly at the high end of quality and design.”


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Fleetwood Terra LX

Coming in lengths of 29-37′, the Fleetwood Terra LX is the big brother of the Terra series, and comes with 1-3 slides. The Terra line went from 2002 -2016, and it looks like the Terra LX’s ended in 2010, so there’s only second-hand models on the market. However it was an excellent RV and there are quite a few units still around for sale.

User Highlights:

  • Love the space, especially from the slides.
  • Lots of power.
  • Versatile, with easy setup.

Love the design and spaciousness.

We have owned this Fleetwood Terra LX for almost seven years. It is thoughtfully laid out, has lots of room, very comfortable and has plenty of storage. The quality of this motor coach is excellent. It is rugged enough to dry camp in wilderness, but the style is elegant enough to fit in to those beautiful full service motor coach country clubs.


Our experience with this RV has been great! Drives nice, roomy and comfortable sleeping. It is not home, but it is the next best thing. With two slide outs, it makes more space for living.


Drivers appreciate the power available for pulling.

This is same engine used in 39 and 40 foot motor homes. So power is great and no slowdown on hills.

George D.

Plenty of space and smooth ride with 22.5 inch tires. Plenty of power to pull/tow and get up those big hills or mountains.


Great setup and usage.

I am a single female responsible for driving, set-up and maintenance of my RV. My experience has been wonderful! In a short time I became very comfortable driving highways, city and country roads. Set-up, whether “plugging in” or self-sustaining, is easy and straight forward.


It is SO nice to have bunk beds so we don’t have to make up the table and couch into beds every night and it is nice to have that space in the morning when everyone else is sleeping to use. We get a lot of compliments on our rig, especially the fact that there are bunks.



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Tiffin Allegro Open Road

Tiffin has been producing the Open Road for almost 50 years, and it’s still going strong, with their current models 32-36′ long. Note: if you’re looking at NADA Guides to find fair pricing, make sure to have the model number handy (32BA, 36LA, etc), as NADA lists the Open Roads under “Motorhomes”, without saying “Allegro Open Road” anywhere.

Open Road owners had lots of good things to say about their RVs! Some of the highlights are:

  • Lots of love for Tiffin
  • Appreciate the floor plan for space and liveability
  • Tons of storage space

Motorhome owners just wouldn’t stop talking about how much they love Tiffin:

Great support from dealer and factory! Had issue with front end alignment. After having it aligned and replacing front tires, Tiffin reimbursed us for the cost! Drove and handled much better after the alignment. Next RV will be another Tiffin (diesel).

Scott G.

I would not hesitate to buy a later model. Allegro makes motorhomes that are better than any other structurally and would be perfect if they just put in pass-through storage bins. I have owned 7 motorhomes over 35 years. 2 Winnies, 1 Fleetwood, 1 Holiday and 2 Allegro. Winnie and Allegro are the only brands I would consider buying.

Joe D.

Tiffin quality is evident throughout the motorhome, I would only replace this Tiffin with another Tiffin.

Bob P.

Of the 15 reviews for the Allegro Open Road, about half mentioned loving the floor plan:

This is a great floor plan. For a 34 foot RV, the livability is great. The bedroom and front living space provide plenty of room to enjoy camping. Even with the slides in, there is plenty of room.

Susan G.

The 36LA has a fantastic floor layout, with 1 1/2 baths (one bathroom is accessible even with the slides in–a bonus while traveling. We love this Tiffin!

Francis W.

Great floor plan. Three TV’s inside are awesome. Having an extra sink and mirror in the hallway in addition to the bath restroom is extremely good for two people trying to dress at the same time. Slides opposite each other in main living area make that space really large.

Gerard L.

Lots of storage space:

The design of this rig also allows for lots of storage compartments inside and out. I’ve never had to use all the interior compartments.

Susan G.

Ample space inside, with an abundance of handcrafted cabinets and a master bath that is huge and loaded with storage. Under coach storage extends up to 203 cubic feet and even includes pass through bins.

Bill T.

Until we take our cross country trips I doubt we’ll get close to filling it up and hitting any kind of weight limits.

Bob N.

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Winnebago Voyage

Starting in 2015, Winnebago’s Voyage models are fifth wheels, so don’t get confused. The Voyage used to be a Class A with excellent reviews, and newer Voyages are just fifth wheels using the same brand name. For this article we only pulled reviews for the Class A – Gas RVs, no fifth wheels included.

That said, here’s the highlights from users:

  • High livability and drivability ratings especially.
  • Large living room space.
  • Easy parts replacement.


Every single review we have gives the Winnebago Voyage 5/5 rating for both Livability and Drivability:

I did a lot of research to find this ideal layout which included the u-shaped dinet, good kitch work space. The full side slide allows comfortable space the full length of the RV and extra large space in the bedroom area.

Gillian M.

Nice size bathroom for a family too. Plenty of room to eat in coach.

Ronald B.

With it’s solid driving experience and reliability give us a lot of stress free travel time.

Franco C.

Large living space:

This model has three slides with two of them being up front apposing each other. This arrangement makes a very large and open living area. The other slide is in the bedroom where the bed slides out making it very easy to walk around.

Wesley S.

Plenty of room to move around. Comfortable sleeping and comfortable traveling.there is room for a family to enjoy traveling.

Ronald B.

This is a beautiful rig, spacious and well planned out. You’ll never miss being in a brick and mortar home!

Casey S.

Parts replacement

The way Winnebago numbers each part it makes it extremely easy to replace anything that may break on the way alone for way less stressful experience. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

Franco C.

Winnebago industries boasts an extensive parts inventory to keep you going. I experienced such a need while traveling and I had the part within two days, so this issue did not interfere with our trip. The quality in construction is obvious throughout and all systems not manufactured by Winnebago are all name brand, industry standards. We have no regrets in purchasing this coach.

David F.

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Damon Challenger

Ranging from 25′-37′ range, Damon produced the Class A Challengers until 2010, when Damon merged with Four Winds and became Thor Motor Coach. Consequently, for this article, we have only pulling reviews from the Damon Challengers.

Here are the highlights straight from past or present owners:

  • Feels like home
  • Owners enjoy having 3 rooms
  • Excellent Driveability


Feels like home:

It is very livable with its floorplan much like a house.


You feel like you are home by having 3 separate living areas.

Dick and Brenda H.

We lived for 2 yrs in our RV. The bed is a sleep number bed & so comfortable. The 1 & 1/2 bathrooms we awesome. We’d never buy another with only 1 bathroom! So much storage inside & in the basement compartments.

James G.

Terrific having 3 rooms

Floor plans gives you 3 different rooms so more homey.

Richard H.

BEST most unique floorplan ever! We wintered in it for 3 yrs, now I want same FP shrunken to 27′ so we can ‘fit’ into more remote camp areas.



Very easy to drive … handles very well in the mountains or on the plains … city or country.

Tiny A.

Have had several motor homes, but this Challenger is by far the best to drive and handle. It is 37.7 ft long but you hardly know.


A pleasure to drive and a great, well thought out design that lends itself to a tremendous camping experience!


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Our hope is that these consumer reviews will help many buyers through the research phase of your RV purchase journey.

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Happy RV’ing, one and all!

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