You’re in the market for a motorhome – something to visit the grandkids with, but bring the comforts of home along with you.  Well, you’re not alone.  A lot of RVers have already done just that, and to help you out, a few have even given feedback and fresh perspectives about their favorite motorhomes as well.

From the Reviews we have available on RVT at this time, we’ve pulled together a short-list of the top consumer rated and reviewed Class A Diesel RVs as a way of helping you possibly narrow in on a Make and Model of Diesel Pusher that might ultimately help you feel right at home!

Here are the highest owner-rated Diesel Pushers on the market today … enjoy!

Tiffin Zephyr
Beaver Contessa
Entegra Coach Cornerstone
American Coach American Heritage

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Tiffin Zephyr

Power and opulence, the Tiffin Zephyr is described as “45 feet of pure luxury in motion, with every square inch designed to impress…”

Highlights of Reviews by actual Tiffin Zephyr owners:

  • Easy to drive with lots of towing power
  • Gorgeous, classy place to live or entertain
  • Rave reviews of the manufacturer itself, Tiffin Motorhomes

Would you drive your Tiffin as fast as these owners?!

“Excellent drivability, cruises smoothly either with or without a towing load. I have towed a 28’ trailer with a Land Rover and 2 Harley Davidson full dressers and never noticed any load drag. The diesel will push you down the road and up mountains with ZERO issues from 65 to 85mph. I would never hesitate to have anyone takeover the helm due to the easy drivability.”


“This big beauty drives like a dream, unaffected by passing big trucks, holds the road very well even at speeds over 75 mph! It parks easily with tight turning radius and unweighted tag axel.”

Brian Y

According to this owner, it sounds like you can get a lot of years of enjoyment out of a Tiffin Zephyr!

“We loved our 2000 Zephyr and had 14 wonderful years using it. We visited the factory once and were treated like kings.  Whenever we needed a part, a call to Red Bay and it was on its way.”

Dennis H


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Beaver Contessa

The Beaver Motorcoach Corporation which went out of business in 2009, still has a tremendously strong following.  You can see this clearly in the Beaver Reviews on

Highlights of Reviews by Owners for the Beaver Contessa:

  • Smooth ride, especially for passengers
  • Spacious with lots of storage
  • Prestige

“The air ride suspension is top of the line for the way it rides and handles on the road.  Self air leveling when parked. This is the fourth Motorhome I have had because it took me that long to get it right.  This unit can be used year round in any type weather I have stayed in it at 20 degrees F and had no problem with freezing pipes since the bays are heated. Has plenty of power I pulled a 27 ft trailer with a car, golf cart etc. and did not know it was there.”

Frank K

“This is a great coach, full of class, low upkeep great road ride. High end interiors. Lots of storage inside and out. Large kitchen area”

Brian D

Beaver Motor Coaches were manufactured first in Bend, OR and later in Coburg, OR.

“Fantastic coach, easy and wonderful to travel in, has everything required for making a long trip or short venture a unique experience. Very well built, handles like a dream. You will not go wrong with the purchase of a Beaver.”


And, even a Jacuzzi tub?!

“This RV has all of the comforts of home, including a Jacuzzi tub big enough for 2.”

Richard T


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Entegra Coach Cornerstone

Built on the Spartan K3 chassis, and boasting a magnificent interior with some gorgeous exterior graphics packages available, the Entegra Coach Cornerstone is a true contender for folks in the market for a big Diesel.

Highlights of Reviews by Owners for the Entegra Coach Cornerstone:

  • Spacious, gorgeous, and classy
  • Hard floors, easy cleanup for spills (especially if you have little grandkids visiting!)

Here’s what owners say …

Luxury RV at it’s best! The Entegra Cornerstone is Easy to drive, is equipped with state of the art technology, and is the most comfortable and quiet ride. You can drive for hours and not even feel it.

Eric G

Sounds like some big improvements came along in 2016 according to Ron W.:

“My third Entegra in 4 years. My second Cornerstone. Just didn’t think my new 2016 could be that much better than my previous two. Unbelievable difference in every respect. Especially the ride and handling. It’s all about the size of the tires and the new larger shocks. Literally drives like a car. Tracks like a car and as quiet as a car. Entegra is not only “The quietest riding, best handling coach on the market today.”, but the best value in a high end coach. Period.”

Ron W

5 stars all the way!

“Correction to my previous posted review.  Somehow my review of the Cornerstone showed up with a 4 star out of 5 rating.  My experience with two Entegra motor coaches have been excellent and absolutely nothing short of a 5 star rating.”

Ron W (again)

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American Heritage by American Coach

The most patriotically branded company we know of, American Coach’s current models include American Dream, American Eagle, American Revolution, and American Patriot. They’re US-based, if you were wondering.

The American Heritage isn’t made anymore, however there are a number of them available in Used, and they’re well-reviewed enough to be included here. Not to mention, look at them, they’re just gorgeous inside and out.

Highlights from the Reviews on

  • Great in the long term.
  • Customer service goes above and beyond


“I have owned and driven American Coach products for the last 10 yrs.. There customer service is first rate and they always go above and beyond, for even the smallest of problems. I have owned other makes and have not had the same experience. All there products are first class but their Heritage is at the top of the Luxury Motor Home experience.

Dave M

Even after years it’s still in the top end, compared to newer RVs.

This was the TOP of the LINE in 2007 and STILL is today.

Bennie L

You will fall in love with the large space, right wood, luxurious accommodations and the long list of features to pamper you.

“After living aboard for over one year, we can say that not one thing could be improved!!”

Stan M

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Known for innovation and luxury motorhomes, Newell Coaches are some of the top-end (and top-priced) motorhomes in the business. At RVT, we see a lot of motorhome ads, and Newells consistently look stunning. Based on the pictures that users post, either Newell owners are all incredible photographers, or these coaches look beautiful no matter what.

Highlights of Reviews by Owners for the Newell Coaches:

  • High-end throughout
  • Top-notch customer service

“Everywhere we go people stand outside our coach and ask if they can have a tour of the inside. We have a SHOW COACH built by the owner of Newell himself and she’s a work of art. We are in love.”

Jessie N

“Nothing is more livable and driveable than a Newell.”

Sydney H

Rave Reviews about the factory and the service as well:

“Perhaps the best feature is the factory support. Can’t say enough, there is also a forum of Newell owners on line sharing tips, experiences, upgrades and regional places to take your coach. After 18 years coach looks almost new due to hi quality materials and paint.”

Dave R

“Have owned two Newell motor homes. Researched the industry before I bought an RV. Interviewed owners of the top line of motor homes, Newell was rated the highest among satisfaction and service! The Newell is expensive and that is my choice of motor homes. Newell answers your calls 24 hours. Emergency service is available anywhere in the nation through their network. Believe me, if you own a motor home, even the expensive Newell, you will have need for service…even emergency service! am a satisfied Newell customer.”

Mack H

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We hope these Reviews by owners help make your RV shopping experience more efficient, effective … and fun!

If you own an RV today (or even in the past!), why not write a Review?  It might be that much-needed piece of information that helps another family on their journey to finding the perfect RV!

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