As I passed the most colorful and vintage-looking trailer setup in an RV park recently, I had to ask what it was all about and take some pictures. I hope you enjoy meeting my new vintage RVer friends too.

Levonne: What kind of rig do you have?

Lora: We bought a 2009 Shasta Airflyte 12‘, although it‘s 16‘. It was a reproduction of the 1959 Shasta. Only 150 were made before the company was bought out.

Levonne: How does your Shasta fit with your lifestyle?

Lora: The Shasta fits perfectly in my lifestyle! My home and business are all about vintage. Living and loving vintage is the best way to preserve our past! I enjoy creating my style in the Shasta with vintage things and retro decals. Like all owners, we love to make our trailer reflect us.

Lora and Stephens Vintage Shasta Reproduction and tow vehicle.

Lora and Stephen’s Vintage Shasta Reproduction and tow vehicle.

Levonne: What made you interested in RVing?

Lora: My husband, Stephen, has always been the camper. He loves to tent camp and take the minimum. After we got together over ten years ago, he got me to go a couple times but I prefer the comforts of convenience! He asked me what it would take to go camping and to love it. I said a vintage trailer! We started looking at all the amazing trailers for sale. The options were and are endless! We knew we wanted something small enough to tow with our truck and big enough to have a bathroom! After looking for a short time, we found one, and the journey began!

Levonne:  How did you go about buying your Shasta?

Lora: We saw a lot of awesome trailers online, available in California and Oregon, within driving distance. On Craigslist, we did find the Retro Shasta Airflyte in Bakersfield, California. It was a newer trailer with modern amenities and a bathroom! We contacted the owners and made arrangements to buy and pick it up within three weeks. When we bought her, we drove nine hours away to get her and spent the first night in her half way home. We started planning trips, her paint job, and interior décor with our personal touch. We got her painted to match the truck soon after we got her.

Levonne: How long do you intend to keep your Shasta? If you sell it, how will you go about it?

Lora: We are keeping Rita for at least five years before we upgrade to a bigger vintage trailer. There are so many options. We want to get used to towing, setting up and enjoying camping for a few more years! When we sell her, we will put a sign on her while we are taking her out. That way, seeing her in person will be the selling point! With all the vintage trailer enthusiast connections I have now, posting on the groups, Craigslist and EBay are options as well.

Levonne: Do you have a  social support/community of other vintage RVers?

Lora: I’m connected with a number of vintage trailer groups now.

Levonne:  What is a typical non-travel day like for you?

Lora: If I’m not camping in the Shasta, I’m working my vintage business – window displays at the historical Eureka Inn and participating in costume design for vintage events. I do actually spend time in the Shasta while she’s set up in our front yard. Gives an extra room to the house!

Levonne: How do you financially support your vintage lifestyle?

Lora: I’ve owned my vintage boutique since 1991, so it supports me! I have spent years collecting vintage clothing collectibles, textiles and even drove a pink 1956 Mercury Monterey for sixteen years!

Levonne:  Where do you plan to go and what fun things do you plan to do over the next three to six months with your Shasta?

Lora: We have been on a few adventures so far and planned a couple more before the winter rolls in. We’ve been to Zephyr Cove, Nevada, Clear Lake, Benbow, Petaluma and Patrick’s Point (in California) so far. We are going to Benbow again and checking out other warm options in the next few months. Stephen is a CPA, so our traveling will be seasonal!

Levonne:  Any words of wisdom for anyone looking to buy or sell a vintage RV?

Lora: If you want to buy a vintage trailer, or a newer one, check for good bones! It’s important to have a good foundation! When you buy one, be sure to use it and show it off as often as possible! If you sell a trailer, make it look it’s best. Disclose any issues that will give the next owner the options to maintain or upgrade.

Levonne: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you and your vintage RV lifestyle?

Lora: With Retro Rita, I take my vintage goodies and share them while I’m out and about! Through my blog and Facebook page, I post upcoming shows and sales as well as our adventures and locations!

Stephen and Lora love their vintage lifestyle.

Stephen and Lora love their vintage lifestyle.

Levonne: How can people get in touch with you?

Lora: I’m Lora Jabot, hubby is Stephen Kiewel
My website:
My Shasta blog:
My Retro Shasta Facebook:

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