Nowadays, selling recreational vehicles is a simple, straightforward process. As your pre-owned rig has been passed through various hands, you might expect it to be more difficult to sell compared to newer RVs. However, understanding various tips for selling your used Class C motorhome or other used RV, will enable you to sell quickly and effectively. For that, RVT has provided a few tips for selling your pre-owned RV to get the best value out of your motorhome.

1. Research the Value

Before you market your RV, it is crucial to understand its value. A simple way of finding out the value of your RV is to search for your model on the J.D. Powers RV Values site. From there, you can compare your RV to the average. You may need to make price adjustments depending on the state of your RV. If your motorhome has received upgrades, you can set the price slightly higher than the average. However, if your RV has a few problems, it is a good idea to reduce the price. Another easy way to determine the value of your RV is to search for similar units for sale online. RVT’s price checker feature allows you to search for similar RVs in our marketplace and check J.D. Power’s RV Values simultaneously.

2. List the RV on an Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are the perfect place to sell your pre-owned RV, especially if you plan on selling your motorhome fast. As a simple, effective way to market your rig, these websites, including RVT, will help you with this process. Listing your RV on online platforms like is a simple, effective way to market your RV. Your fifth wheel, travel trailer, folding trailer, or other type of RV can be viewed at any time of day by potential buyers who are already searching for their next recreational vehicle. 

3. Use Physical Signage

Another simple, yet strategic tip for selling your pre-owned RV is to post a ‘for sale’ sign on your RV. One of the best ways to gain interest in your RV is to advertise in populated, frequented areas where it can be observed by camping consumers. Places such as campsites or along high-traffic roads will provide ample viewing for your rig. The major drawback to this method, however, is that it can be limiting – it will only be viewed during high traffic times throughout the day.

4. Be Detailed and Helpful

Whether you decide to sell online or use physical signage, it is imperative to provide all relevant details about your RV. Include the model, year, mileage, dimensions, and any other detail that the customer should know. Grab your favorite camera and take multiple, clear photos displaying your motorhome at every angle from both the exterior and interior. Even if you are not a photographer, it is useful for the potential buyer to view your RV in the best way possible. Better pictures will oftentimes generate more interest, so be sure to take pictures where your rig is clearly visible.

Additionally, it is important to include detailed information about your motorhome. Provide comprehensive descriptions that paint a good picture of the RV. Include special features or any upgrades that you added to your motorhome, which will help bolster its value. List all regular maintenance executed to verify that you are selling a well-maintained rig. Likewise, this will educate the customer of the routine maintenance required for your RV.

Be open about any flaws or damage to your motorhome. If possible, make the repairs prior to taking pictures. Once the flaws have been fixed, post the pictures on an online marketplace like

Encourage prospective buyers to take an in-person tour of your RV. While the potential buyer tours your vehicle, highlight both the pros and cons. This transparency will give the customer more confidence that they can trust you. If a customer seems very interested in your RV, make it a priority to respond to them quickly and offer a great service. Your organization and efficiency during this process will garner quicker offers.

Selling a pre-owned RV has its challenges. However, if you are transparent and market your motorhome in a simple, effective way, you might be surprised how many inquiries you receive. 

Ultimately, a well-used motorhome that’s been taken care of is more desirable than a newer, neglected rig. Repair as much as possible and sell your RV at an honest value. Looking for more information about selling your unit on RVT? Our recent article How to List Your RV on RVT provides some simple steps. Once you make the sale and are considering an upgrade, check out the current offerings of new and used RVs on

By Alex Hoyes

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