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Families On the Verge of Buying Their Next RV…

How RV Dealers (& Industry) Can “Tap Into” the Audience to Help Influence RV Purchase Decisions

Your website attracts a certain specific “audience” of RV shoppers. You pull some decent traffic numbers and you’re selling RVs. So far, so good.

But still, somehow, you just cannot help but sense… there must be more.

More cash-in-hand buyers? Yes. More ready-to-purchase families who you are just not able to access with your current online advertising efforts? Definitely!

Welcome to: The Audience
From our years of consulting with RV Dealers, we've found that for many geographic Regions – MORE RV consumers shop than shop local dealer websites.

So Who Who Is This Audience?
And, what are some smart ways you can “get at” these additional buyers so you can help influence MORE RV sales?

Purchase Intent
If you sell RVs, there is no shortage of enticing ways to spend your marketing budget. But really, what is a wise ad spend… and, what is a waste?

It all comes down to Purchase Intent.

The Act of “Flipping Through” Classified Listings of RVs-for-Sale…
Experts say that one specific action – opening up Classified Listings – is the single clearest indicator that a vehicle is about to sell.*

If you can find – and communicate effectively with – buyers who are combing through RV Classified Listings, it’s a simple fact: You will sell more RVs. Dealers and OEMs alike.

That’s the Audience. RV buyers, from every age group and area (US and Canada) who are searching, sifting and browsing through Listings of RVs-for-Sale, looking for their next RV.

Basically, the Audience “intends to purchase.”

Let us help you get buyers connected to your RV inventory!

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