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Winnebago had to recall this unit 15 burned out of 125 produced.I purchased a recalled unit in 1999 with a V10 conversion,gutted it completely restored and painted unit.Unit great for short trips 200 miles or less,sucks for anything past that.Drove unit from east coast to west coast and back in 2001 with car in tow.Very uncomfortable for 4 people,Has a central air system along with rear air roof unit.114 deg in Phoenix central ac went out,good luck repairing it.Only had rear and dash air rest of trip.Oh and generator bad for vapor locking did that many times.Drove through Guadalupe Mountains via four lane hwy,brakes completely burned up,replaced brakes in Williams Arizona.Will say unit with V10 preformed great driving through the Mojave Dessert maintained speed and tran\'s stayed surprising cool.Last leg of trip after driving 5500 miles,80 miles from home back in the south the left rear floater axle hub blew apart,intern destroying anything in its path including the wheel and tire,had to tow unit to repair facility.Drove home went back and picked up Rv 2 weeks later and another $1000 repair bill.
Moral of the story don\'t by one,don\'t become intrigued with the unit as I did 15 years ago.Not worth it.
- SST,

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