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1990 Toyota Warrior - like a Dolphin; Exquisitely Restored. SALE PENDING FOR FULL ASKING PRICE for sale by Owner - Sierra Madre, CA

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FOR SALE: INTENTIONALLY RESTORED for the 21st C.-Generator,Solar,Back-up Cam,Bluetooth,GPS $29,950 USD
Class C / Sierra Madre, CA

If you are seeking a small RV that gets great gas mileage, is road-ready, clean, and comfortable, then this could be the one you have been looking for. This vintage V-6 Toyota Winnebago has multiple unique features -- most importantly, this RV is NOT a project. Just the opposite - everything has been carefully gone over to be as perfect as possible, including adding a solar panel and other 21st Century features. You shouldn't have to do much of anything to it, except to personalize it with extra enhancements. We filled the gas! So if you need an RV that is ready to travel, then this might be best one for you. . . Restoring Toyota RVs is our hobby. We’ve carefully been refurbishing this coach for multiple months to be optimally usable for its next owners. We’re experienced in what we do and take pride in our work. There is a lot of satisfaction in putting one back on the road as it was meant to be - everything working again as precisely as we can make it. Click "Read More" now for the complete description of this exceptionally nice Toyota RV!

"Way above average" aptly describes this coach. The reasons will become obvious when you read this entire description of its many features and upgrades. Most other Toyota RVs that come up for sale need a fair amount of time and attention, and probably a good amount of money to make them comfortable and trouble-free again.

Here now instead, is one that is ready to take camping right away. What you will read about below is a list of more than 100 different items and upgrades that the new owner WON’T have to deal with, because we have fixed or improved or added them already.

“Intentionally-restored” doesn’t just mean we simply put new stripes on it and made the inside look nice. Instead we have meticulously tested ALL the RV systems and the structure, and perfected them for you. You may encounter other Toyota RVs for sale that get the same great gas mileage, and they may even have some of the upgrades that this one has, but it is not likely you will find many others that have been this carefully restored.

To start with, this model is a Warrior made by Winnebago, which has the highest overall quality of the various manufacturers of Toyota motorhomes. However, exquisitely-refurbished ones like this are rather rare. Mini RVs with a Toyota chassis are increasingly sought-after because of their longevity and great gas mileage — especially compared to any other RVs of the same size and price.

Secondly, because it has a V-6 engine (not a 4 cylinder) you have more adequate power for climbing hills, and you have the ability to tow a moderate load if a hitch is professionally attached.

It drives easily and handles more like a car than an RV. Interstate speeds of 70 mph are easy to maintain. The ride in the cab is much quieter and the seats more comfortable than earlier models.

The V-6 engine has a 5-speed manual transmission which provides more nuance of control and even better gas mileage than an automatic, up to 17 miles per gallon; that’s about twice the mpg of an American motor RV of the same vintage.

Thirdly, at only 20 feet in length overall, it is easy to park in a regular parking space. It is light weight, and it is quicker to respond and has a shorter stopping distance than other longer RVs.

This original engine/chassis has only moderate miles on it -- only about 75,000 which is less than average for most Toyota RVs. We personally know of several well-maintained Toyota RVs like this with over 200,000 miles that are still on the road and being enjoyed as much as ever.

Significantly, the following 15 chassis items have recently been addressed, potentially saving the new owner a couple thousand dollars in maintenance costs:
— Rear springs upgraded with new leafs and fresh bushings
— Engine exhaust manifold gasket replaced
— Muffler and exhaust pipe recently replaced
— Steering damper replaced
— Oil change, lube, and fluids

Previous chassis repairs:
— Alternator replaced
— Engine battery replaced
— Coolant flushed with new radiator cap
— Spark plugs and tune-up
— Air filter replaced
— Hoses replaced
— Fan belt replaced
— Front and rear brakes are good
— Windshield replaced
— Wipers and sprayer have been tested and function as they should

The six Nexen LT (Load Range D) tires are only about 3 years old with good tread. A spare is located underneath. This vehicle has a full-floating one-ton rear axle and six-lug wheels throughout.

The roof of this RV is in very good condition. It is all one-piece aluminum, and last month it was sealed with high-grade RV roof coating at all appropriate places. Additionally, all windows have been re-caulked as needed.

The exterior of the RV is flat-sided fiberglass, which gives it a more contemporary look. The old exterior vinyl stripes which were faded have all been entirely replaced, and additional stylish graphics have been added on each side.

The rear tail light assemblies and all the clearance lights have been cleaned, serviced, and tested. The outside mirrors are refurbished to look presentable again. Other exterior areas have been detailed as well. If you didn't know, finding a nice-looking exterior like this on a Toyota RV is getting harder and harder to come by.

Overall, you can have confidence that this RV will perform better than most others of this vintage. Specifically, it is MUCH more apt to be free of all the unexpected surprises that often come with used RVs that are being sold because their sellers just want them off their property. Compared to most that are out there that are "projects," this one is instead in way-above-average condition.

In additional to all the above tasks to restore it, this particular RV has had MULTIPLE ACCESSORIES ADDED in the cab and coach for extra convenience -- bringing it into the 21st century. (See lists below.)

— Extra-long Full-size over-cab bed sleeps two adults. (Unlike other Class C RVs, this bed has enough headroom to fully sit up.)
— Dinette behind the driver makes into a cozy bed for two (meaning it can sleep a total of four)
— Upholstered swivel chair on the passenger side can be moved over to the eating table if desired.
— Kitchen (stove/oven, microwave, double stainless sink, and refrigerator/freezer) is located in the center
— Bathroom in the rear has a sink, toilet, separate shower (not a "wet bath"), and a tall closet for storage
— Bathroom has an accordion door for privacy
— Removable privacy curtains hang between the coach and cab.

— A Freedom model crank-out patio awning is installed for shade while camping — easy to open by just one person.
— A 2750 watt built-in Onan generator has been installed for off-grid camping.
— A Sanyo HD-TV has been installed on a rotating bracket above swivel chair. The TV remote control stores in a wall “pocket.”
— Crank-up TV antenna has a new state-of-the-art “Jack” model amplified antenna head.
— A Panasonic microwave is installed in the cabinet above the stove.
— A high-volume Fantastic Vent ceiling fan has been installed above the overcab bed that automatically operates according to the interior temperature.
— 12v oscillating fan added — makes a nice breeze for help cooling the inside of the coach in hot weather.
— New 80-amp hour AGM deep-cycle battery installed for the coach.
— 30 watt solar panel installed on the roof for maintaining the coach battery when in sunlight.
— Hidden storage compartment for keeping valuables out of sight
— New faucets installed for kitchen sink and bath sink.
— New digital refrigerator thermometer installed with external readout (very convenient).
— Extra pull-out drawer added under table for stowing small items.
— Multiple USB outlets conveniently added for charging cell phones and other devices.
— New low-drain interior LED bulbs have been installed throughout.

— The original dash radio has been replaced with a new BOSS multi-function unit, bringing this RV into the 21st century. Besides an AM-FM stereo/CD player, it has an integrated color back-up camera, Navigation system, and options for additional audio and video inputs. It has Bluetooth and a microphone for hands-free phone capability.
— New high-quality speakers for the stereo have been installed in the cab.
— The rear-view camera itself is installed on the rear license plate.
— Fresh steering wheel cover added.
— New cab center console, trash bin, and floor mats added.
— Wide-angle Fresnel lens added on the rear window.

This coach includes all the standard features plus these SIGNIFICANT UPGRADES compared to most other models of Toyota RVs:

— Rear ladder to the roof has been added, along with a roof rack for additional storage.
— Vent cover added for opening roof vent even in the rain.
— All storage compartment doors are conveniently keyed alike; “finger pull” added for ease of opening.
— Stylish chrome-look wheel covers added on the rear; front wheels are recently painted.
— Stylish license plate frames added.
— Windows are tinted to help keep the coach cooler in hot weather.
— Exterior 120 volt plugs for convenience when camping.

— Onan generator has been serviced with new oil, filter, gaskets, and parts where necessary.
— Refrigerator/Freezer has been serviced with igniter repaired; cools quite adequately on both propane or 120v electricity.
— Fridge has a propane pressure gauge on the rear for convenient monitoring of the propane system.
— Roof Air Conditioner (Coleman) works well – filter has been cleaned (not always the case with used RVs).
— Propane Water Heater has been serviced with a new propane valve and operates as it should.
— Propane Furnace has been completely cleaned and serviced (with a new “Dinosaur” brand igniter board), and now functions fine as needed.
— Stove and Oven have been cleaned, and ignite and cook as expected.
— A full metal Stove Cover has been added providing extra counter space.
— Stove Hood with light and fan has been disassembled, cleaned, and functions properly.
— ShurFlo Fresh Water Pump has been disassembled and cleaned, with new fresh seals; and adequately pumps water when activated.
— Plumbing lines have been tested and hold pressure appropriately.
— All shower seams have been caulked.
— Both holding tanks are emptied and drain valves have fresh seals and open readily.
— Horizontal Propane Tank has been tested and filled.
— Converter/on-board battery charger is working correctly; “isolator” charging solenoid has been replaced under the hood.
— The electrical wiring in the coach has been checked and appears to be in good condition.
— TV antenna mast has been lubricated and a new KING Jack amplified antenna head installed.
— All exterior compartment locks and door locks have been repaired and lubricated.
— Screen door latch has been replaced to close properly.
— Roof vents and fans have been cleaned and serviced with new parts: (gears, fan blade, and lid).
— New thick insulation has been added under the hood for a quieter ride.
— Weather-strip has been replaced throughout where it was missing, especially on compartment doors.

INTERIOR REFURBISHING: We have taken great care to be sure that the interior of this coach is clean and in presentable condition in all aspects.
— Every cabinet has been vacuumed as thoroughly as possible.
— Fresh shelf liners have been cut to fit and attached in all cupboards and drawers.
— Curtains have been washed, and window shades have been refurbished.
— Privacy curtains are new.
— Upholstery has been cleaned.
— Carpet has been shampooed.
— All window channels have been cleaned (not always the case with used RVs).

— Easy-on LED entry light added by door.
— Wall clock added.
— Removable sink cover provides more counter space.
— Bathroom has extra towel bars, hooks, and shampoo shelf unit added.
— Additional clothes hanging bar added over dinette seat if needed.
— Additional storage hooks added in closet.
— Tissue dispenser added by bed.
— Large magazine rack added for storage of paper items.
— Hat hooks and key hangers added by the entry door.
— "Let There be Adventure" plaque added above door.
— Extra storage shelf added by bed (for cell phone, glasses, etc.).
— New smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector (10-year battery) and fire extinguisher added for safety.

— Easy and quiet to drive
— Power steering
— Tilt steering wheel
— Digital clock on dash
— Three additional passenger seatbelts in rear dinette
— Jack and jack tools included

— Interior is much cleaner than most overall (especially inside storage areas).
— Non-smoking vehicle, no pets.
— Vehicle is registered in California, with a recent smog certificate.
— Title is clear with no liens.
— Toyota Truck Owner's Manual included.
— Winnebago Owner's Manual and appliance manuals included (not always the case with used RVs).
— Multiple service records and repair receipts for the engine and other items included.
— Documentation included for the various high-tech accessories that have been added.

ACCESSORIES -- All the following RV accessories (valued at over $300) are also included with the purchase of the vehicle:
— Matching throw pillow and blanket
— New matching pot holder and new kitchen towel
— Washcloths and bath towel
— New bath mat
— New exterior welcome mat
— Interior entry doormat
— Refrigerator bin, and ice tray and bubble level in freezer
— Flatware tray in kitchen drawer
— Convenient shelving rack added in cupboard
— Paper towel holder, paper towels, and toilet paper
— New butane lighter for stove
— Nightlight to confirm that 120v power is connected
— Coat hangers for closet
— New wastebasket and liners
— New brush and dustpan
— New fly swatter (an essential camping item)
— Freshwater hose in storage case
— New sanitary filler attachment
— New water pressure regulator
— Sewer hose with additional “elbow” fitting (required at some campgrounds)
— RV holding tank chemical and disposable gloves
— Camper leveling blocks set in a storage pouch
— New tire pressure gauge for dual rear wheels
— New automotive funnel
— 30 to 15 amp home power adapter
— Mirror on passenger cab visor
— New pop-open sunshade for windshield (with storage case) for when it is hot weather
— New orange reflective warning triangle for road safety -- collapses for storing in a case
— Two key sets, and an extra key in a hidden magnetic key case
— Plus additional tools and numerous enhancements from experienced RVers

Now after multiple months of meticulous attention to details, this coach is ready to drive and comfortably camp in again. What you will be getting with this RV is the peace of mind that the multiple issues that regularly come with used Toyota RVs have now already been taken care of for you.

The price of $29,950 is in keeping with the time and effort and expense that it has taken us to restore it to be in the way-above-average condition that it is. (Just for reference, the original list price of V-6 Toyota RVs when they were new would have been equivalent to about seventy thousand in today’s dollars.)

The fact that we have already spent $ multiple thousands on this one means that you shouldn't need a huge budget for maintenance over and above the purchase price. This is a significant factor because most buyers are not aware of the often quite extensive expenses that will likely be required for most other cheaper Toyota RVs that are out there for sale. Those might require unknown amounts of additional money for structural repairs, neglected engine and chassis work, non-functioning appliances, etc. Plus there can be delays while these are completed before the RV is ready to comfortably travel in without annoyances. Instead this one now has had every issue addressed and completed to the best of our ability.

As we previously said, you may encounter other Toyota RVs for sale that get the same great gas mileage, and they may even have some of the upgrades that this one has, but it is not likely you will find many others that indeed have all these enhancements, ready to go.

Here is a link to CUT AND PASTE to view the online album of 100 photos of this exceptional Toyota RV.

Like in real estate, due to the high demand for our completed Toyota RV restorations, we will consider all offers from buyers. If accepted, a modest deposit will hold it for you. (Deposit applies to the purchase price of course.) This vehicle is located in Sierra Madre, California. Transportation from Los Angeles area airports can be arranged for buyers from out of the area.

Please call for more info and to have your questions answered, 626-798-4566 (no texts). Leave a message with our voicemail and we will call you back soon. PHONE CALLS WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY OVER EMAIL REPLIES.

The right next owner for this Toyota V-6 Winnebago RV is someone who knows a real gem when they see one.



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