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2010 Roadtrek SS Agile for sale by Owner - Oak Ridge, TN

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FOR SALE: Upgraded and refurbished ultramobility RV with many advanced features $96,486 $69,900 USD
Class B / Oak Ridge, TN

June 19 - Even more pictures and annotations added.
See sections on water heater and propane regulators.
Talk to us about warranty options.

This compact RV is designed and equipped for ultramobility. It lets you travel with a minimum of encumbrances. It has everything to boondock (dry camp) comfortably in national parks and off the beaten track. It is easier to drive than a large pickup truck. It fits in a single ordinary parking spot and into whatever last RV site a campground may still have vacant. It leisurely maneuvers packed tourist destinations and narrow old-town streets.

Some couples like to use the SS Agile as their secondary every-day car. It’s particularly great for grocery shopping on hot days because it has a fridge to keep perishable food cool. And, for tailgating at games! Five—the driver plus four passengers—can ride in it comfortably and safely with seat belts. Most other Class B motorhomes shorter than 20 feet, are street legal for a total occupancy of two to four only.

An SS Agile sleeps two (although some after-market kits may set up a relatively short but reasonably comfortable extra bed across the Sprinter’s front seats). No space wasted. Yet, you won’t lack the amenities of a modern home! And, while you’ll see other campers labor for an hour or more to get everything set up for the night, you won’t even need a second hand to count the minutes you spend on that transition. The same is true for preparations to move out at the end of your stay!

Some campers pull a car behind their big RV to avert the aggravations surrounding spontaneous side excursions, dinner out, and shopping. The Sprinter certainly is strong enough to tow a small car, but you’d probably soon discover that the simplicity and ease of just using the Sprinter for everything will make your recreation days much more enjoyable.

Extended boondocking is facilitated by the 30gal fresh water tank (larger than in most other short Sprinter RVs) and 10gal/45lb propane tank that feeds the generator, heaters, fridge, range, and optionally even an outdoor grill).

We call our Sprinter affectionately La Ventura, but that isn’t engraved or embroidered anywhere. Just consider it the name for a one-of-its-kind ‘special edition’ Roadtrek SS Agile. It includes two dozen state of the art improvements and added features you won’t find on models many years younger.

La Ventura is accident free and driven merely 41,000 miles. Some have dubbed the sturdy Mercedes diesel power plant “The Million Mile Engine.” Experts consider it “barely used” under 50,000 miles! It easily sprints up steep mountain roads and lets you swoosh past underpowered RVs and tractor-trailers crawling up inclines on freeways. Because of its performance characteristics, the diesel Sprinter has become the most popular and desirable platform for Class B RVs.

The high-tech Mercedes diesel engine is far evolved from what you may have experienced with, or heard about, yesteryear’s diesels. It starts as quickly as a gas engine and it runs as quietly. A gallon of diesel has about 18 percent more energy content than a gallon of gasoline. Therefore a diesel Sprinter gets about 65 miles more range out of a full tank compared to a comparable gas vehicle. So you won’t need to stop for fuel as often. Diesel fuel is a little more expensive than gas per gallon, but because it generates extra miles, total expenses for fuel will be lower. Depending on terrain and speed, we got 18 to 22 miles per gallon.

To see a more readable PDF file of this detailed description get
It is formatted for quick scanning by focusing on boldfaced words (which are not highlighted below unfortunately).

La Ventura is in excellent condition

• The lounge upholstery is pristine because we permanently kept the electric sofa and the bench seats down as a bed; covered and protected with an extra mattress; back passenger seat belts still unused.

• Never been smoked in, nor exposed to any pesticides or harsh chemicals. Mold free, too! (We always kept a dehumidifier set up).

• Only driven 30 miles since the last Sprinter maintenance and inspection, done by authorized Mercedes dealership. Good for another 10,000 miles before next maintenance service is due.

• Built-in propane generator (Onan MicroLite RV QG 2500 LP 2.5KVFA26120L), which runs cleaner than a gasoline—let alone a diesel—generator. Less than 120 hrs used. Oil and filter change just completed. Good for another 150 hours of operation until next oil change.

• Aluminum alloy wheels are better looking and straighter than welded steel wheels. Because they give you more miles between wheel balancing and dissipate heat more effectively, they run cooler which helps extend break pad and tire life.

• Engine and break pads are in great condition also, because we tend to stay away from urban traffic, habitually observe speed limits, drive defensively, and like to take advantage of the diesel engine’s deceleration power, thus the foot breaks were rarely used for more than light duty.

> On freeways, we typically cruised at no more than 65 mph to keep within the Mercedes engine’s most fuel-efficient operation (1,200-2,400 rpm).

We are sad that we need to let La Ventura go because we spent hundreds of hours to research, plan, fabricate, and install modifications. We have remedied flaws acknowledged even by most satisfied SS Agile owners, as well as a few unfortunate Roadtrek “features” that were subject to frequent user complaints.

The many enhancements we installed, have made this RV more practical, efficient, safer, convenient, easier to maintain, and more comfortable.

Furthermore, we refurbished many of its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components with higher-quality ones.

Refurbished Components and Additions

• La Ventura is now equipped with Michelin LTX M/S2 all-season tires. They are rated for significantly shorter braking distances than the OEM tires they replaced. Of their 70,000-miles thread life, only 22,000 have been logged so far. They still have 9/32 thread depth!

• Replaced the OEM “house” batteries with maintenance-free Sun Xtender AGM batteries that provide more capacity, extended life expectancy, and eliminated the hassle of maintaining acid levels at a hard to reach location.

• Replaced the air conditioner (extremely noisy Dometic A/C installed by Roadtrek, which we could barely tolerate, except under most aggravating heat conditions). The much quieter heat pump (Atwood AirCommand AC-1501W)—quietest roof-top A/C on the market—is more efficient and thus works better with the generator.

> AirCommand has been declared best choice for Class B motorhomes by Outdoor Fact in 2018. AirCommand, developed in Australia, differs from most other RV A/C units because it uses two separate fan motors. One for inside air circulation and one for outside condenser cooling. Although nominally rated as a 15,000 BTU unit, it’s efficient engineering makes its power requirements resemble those of a typical 13,500 BTU unit, while the amount of cool air delivered at peak operation comes closer to what usually is expected from an 18,000 BTU unit.

> The AirCommand’s heat pump option also lowers heating costs on cool days when plugged in at home or at a campsite with metered electric power.

> We even enhanced the AirCommand with a Micro-Air EasyStart 364 module. It ramps up the compressor more gently, which further reduces the noise output and significantly decreases wear and tear on the compressor and even more on the generator.

• Brand new, state-of-the-art Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater (42,000 BTU, propane), replaces the OEM Suburban 6 gal water heater, which we used a couple of times only during the first two years. According to its manual’s instruction for long-term storage, we left the plumbing in by-pass mode, the tank with the sacrificial anode removed, and the anode seat/drain opening covered merely by an insect screen to keep the tank dry and ventilated to the outside.
Because Suburban says that under normal operation their ceramic-lined water tank will last 6 or even 9 years when following proper maintenance procedures, we expected it to have at least 4 more years of actual use.
While getting the RV ready to show we looked into the tank with an endoscope to see whether we needed to descale any carbonate build-up from the heating elements. We found no notable carbonate, but unfortunately discovered several small rust spots on the inside of the tank wall. These didn't look very serious, but without being able to touch and probe them, we didn’t know whether the tank would be good for another couple of years or might start leaking in a matter of weeks.
Although the extended service plan would cover a water heater replacement, we wanted to have a clean slate and spare the new owner the trouble of having to deal with a possible tank replacement. As with all previous replacements, we looked not only for the most durable units, but also for alternatives that enhance usability, convenience, safety, comfort, and value. The latest Girard has many advantages

> Rakes up substantial savings in propane. The waste of propane to keep a water tank hot in standby mode adds up continuously, whereas this tankless water heater needs no propane during standby; only while a user actually draws hot water from it.

> Is quieter and makes no standby noise at all.

> Won’t continuously add undesired extra heat to the inside of the RV on hot days.

> Is about 60 lbs lighter than the tankfull Suburban.

> Has no anode rod that requires regular inspections and replacements.

> Takes no extra steps and time to winterize because, in that respect, it behaves no different from the rest of the RV’s plumbing.

> Is easier to maintain and expected to last for some 15 years.

• Brand new Natika WD-007S Premium Starlight Night Vision Rearview Camera (upgraded release 2019) with high-definition 170° super wide angle lens (900 TV lines), digital signal processor (1280x720 effective pixels); IP69K waterproof (most back-up cameras are only IP67 or IP68 rated and prone to fog up, often sooner rather than later).

> We added extra circuitry and a dashboard switch to retain the rearview image continuously to see vehicles approaching in the “blind-spot” angles and motor bikes that are hard to make out in the main rearview mirror when they are following centered behind the back doors.

> We also developed circuitry that tricks the camera to display the back-up distance lines only when in reverse gear.

> The wide angle lens is most helpful when backing into, or out of, parking spaces and narrow camp sites. Its high mounting location helps greatly to avoid damage from otherwise unnoticed tree branches to the high roof and the fixtures it carries. Furthermore you can see what’s following a pick-up truck or SUV behind you.

> The extraordinary light sensitivity of this camera makes it far superior to cameras with built-in infrared (IR) lights. Instead of just black and white, it provides a clear color picture. Even scenes illuminated by no more than scattered ordinary street lights look surprisingly bright.

• OnStar FMV 293 comprehensive in-vehicle safety, security, navigation and communications system. This system senses collisions and uses its GPS to transmit the location to the 24x365 OnStar response center. An OnStar Advisor will immediately ask you, on the built-in speaker, what help you may need. Should you be incapable to respond, they will call in the local emergency responders and direct them to the accident site.

> If you have any other kind of emergency, you can use the OnStar Emergency Button to summon help. Please note, a paid subscription is required if you desire to keep the service activated.

> However, OnStar’s hands-free calling feature, that places calls through your own—Bluetooth enabled—mobile phone, does not require a subscription.

> Should you ever be in a pinch if your mobile phone does not work, you can make calls with a credit card using OnStar’s built-in cell phone as a back up.

• Brand new Bosch Premium AGM starter (chassis) battery, not only conforms to the Sprinter-specific form factor and Mercedes specifications, it is even more powerful than the one originally installed!

> 900 A cold cranking, 107 Ah capacity

> 36 months free replacement and 96 months proportional warranty.

• Brand new First Alert SA3210 Dual Sensor Smoke and Fire Alarm with 10-year lithium-ion battery. The OEM smoke detector lasted only five years and it had merely an ionizing sensor. Although it’s manual said one should always use both ionizing and photoelectric detectors, Roadtrek failed to install a photoelectric one.

> The advantage of having both types of sensors in the new SA3210 is that its smart processor can interpret their measurements together. Therefore it may not only be able to alert you of a grave danger sooner, but it is also less likely to startle you with a false alarm. Of course, the hush button is easy to reach if needed, and you won’t have to worry for ten years about keeping spare batteries ready and about its expiration date.

• Brand new built-in alarms for carbon monoxide (CO: MTI Industry 65-541-P-W) and propane (LPG: Electro Systems GS3-2016) leaks are exact replacements of the OEM ones and are connected to the 12-Volt house batteries.

• Brand new propane regulators. Replacing the defective high-pressure regulator for the “BBQ” quick-connect and the aging integrated regulator, which serves all other propane lines, with the same, more reliable models that Roadtrek has been installing in more recent model years.

• Brand new RainX windshield wipers.

• Replaced the crumbling, shabby and improvised looking foam rubber screen at the end of the generator’s pressure balance hose, with a proper high-quality pleated breather filter.

• Replaced the highly unreliable/non-functional analog tank-level indicators with the more exact digital SeeLevel II 709-PH monitoring system, which uses very reliable external tank sensors and an LED display showing actual fill percentages.

• Under-sink drinking water filter GE FXUVC in the cold-water line protects from asbestos, heavy metals, a wide range of chemical and biological pollutants, and eliminates chlorine taste.

> We always used a water pressure regulator and a more familiar blue Camco TastePure RV water filter on the hose to fill the fresh water tank. And, we used only oil-free compressed air to blow out the tank and water lines for winterizing.

• Replaced the flimsy macerator sewer hose with a heavy-duty industrial sewer hose that won't split.

• External omnidirectional antennas with 2/3-G and 4-G/LTE wireless mobile boosters CM2000-WL-45 and CM700V provide enhanced signals to mobile phones and WiFi hotspots inside the vehicle, substantially extending coverage area, improving voice quality, and reducing the incidence of dropped calls.

• Replaced the TV source switch with a Winegard WC-1023 Sensar Pro amplifier system and the mediocre bat-wing TV antenna with a Jack OA-8000 digital HDTV antenna. It achieves even better reception than the rooftop version of the same antenna because it is installed on the original Roadtrek-provided Winegard crank-up antenna arm. The amplifier’s digital LED readouts let you hone into weaker stations that fully automatic antenna-direction-and-tuning systems miss. It also switches between cable and antenna inputs.

• Replaced the notorious Roadtrek patio lights that always got water logged by condensation and rain with motion-sensing LED Starlights’ Smart Light 1000 fixtures. Because the latter needed frequent cleaning as their ventilation openings allowed small insects to enter the housing, we enhanced them with self-developed insect barriers.

• Also replaced all the other incandescent light bulbs with LEDs and the Roadtrek-installed reading-light fixtures above the front seats and the bed/sofa with directionally more adjustable, dimmable LED fixtures (using Zane Miniature Dimmer AMD-48R-12V). Now, the reading lamps over the bed can be turned on and adjusted without having to sit up to reach them. And, they can be exactly directed to not bother a sleeping partner.

• Replaced the analog Suburban thermostat (which had a wide temperature interval between shutting off the heater and turning it on again) with a digital 7-day-programmable LCD thermostat (Honeywell RTH2510B1000/A), with LED backlight.

• Added an ON light to the control panel as a reminder when the inverter is running because it will draw down the house batteries unnecessarily when not needed and inadvertently left on.

• Additional standard 12 Volt DC (lighter socket) outlets, including several Scosche USB outlet inserts on both sides of the bed, at the galley/driver-side “workstation” position, and on the dashboard.

• We removed the ugly, impractical bathroom sink drawer, which has since been discontinued by Roadtrek and which was much disliked by many SS Agile owners because of the big, unsightly bulge it occupied on the backside of the bathroom, making the passenger-side of the bed uncomfortable and nearly unusable as a twin bed for taller people.

> However we kept the sink and all the mounting parts of it, so it could readily be reinstalled if someone should desire to use it.

> Please read the ‘bench cushion’ bullet under ‘Must Know’ below for more details.

• Added a fold-down foot rest on the bathroom wall and an index plunger to lock the passenger swivel seat in reversed orientation to make it much more comfortable to relax in a reclined position without the seat constantly trying to move itself out of alignment.

• Superior bathroom door latch and closure magnets to overcome the door's notorious rattling and squeaking noises.

• Reinforced failing mounts of cupboard doors and drapes and eventually succeeded in getting the drape rails to operate smoothly.

• Added a slim shelf for smaller items in one of the galley cupboards.

• For additional storage and improved organization, we mounted several small and medium cargo-net pouches in under-utilized spaces, e.g. behind the coffee maker, inside the wardrobe door, behind the TV.

• Added a long, elegant towel rod under the driver-side back cupboards for extra space to let towels dry on rainy days.

• Added guide rails to the blinds to prevent them from jamming and we installed new window knobs that permit the complete closing of the blinds.

• Sealed many gaps around the outside of the mount for the rear-door screen that let through mosquitoes. We also installed a system of Velcro straps to make it quick and easy to roll the screen up or down. That also keeps it neatly out of the way behind the edge of the bed when unneeded.

In short, you are unlikely to find a pre-owned Roadtrek SS Agile—even among those several model years newer—that is in such a good condition and as well equipped as La Ventura! We took every effort to make sure it will delight you for many years as much as it did us.

Must Know

We want you to know about the few parts of this RV that show typical ware and tear:

• We’ve had to patch the zippable rear screen in several places, to make sure it is still fully functional and mosquito proof.

• If you examine the van up close, you may notice two very small dents on the right front and rear corners. One from another vehicle’s bumper and one from a camping table (before we had a wide-angle camera).

• The front seats have superficial scratches and a few very small blemishes that are visible up close.

• The exterior finish is not as shiny any more as when new. It has a few areas of slight discoloration and tiny spots where the color of patched-up chips isn’t a very good match.

• Because we always had the bed set up, it did not bother us that the bench cushion lacks a 10”x10” corner, which was spared out to accommodate the narrower bottom of the plastic bulge that housed the removed bathroom sink drawer. Now, that cutout is an unnecessary void. We filled it with a couple of pieces of polyurethane foam. One’s heels may barely make it out under the bed sheet, let alone through a sleeping bag.

> The foam is visible only when looking for it from a rather low angle, as in one of our pictures when there is no bedsheet covering it. Only about 1/8th of the total surface area of the bench cushion is “missing.” As the clearance between the bottom of the wardrobe closet and the top of the bench cushion is very narrow, not even a baby can sit near that spot anyway.

> Calling this passenger side contraption a “bench” is an euphemism for the box containing the water pump. The principal reason for a cushion to be on top of it, is the cushion’s function as part of the bed. During dinette configuration, it only serves aesthetical symmetry and the gap is easy to hide with a pillow. We did not do it for the picture, so you can see for yourself what size it is and how much or little it might bother you. In any case, the half of this gap that is closer to the outside wall gets covered by the regular bench backrest cushion in dinette mode. And you can actually hide the entire gap by placing that pack pillow diagonally under the armoir instead of leaning it against the outside wall; doing so is necessary in any case if one wants to use the drink holders.

> We thought about making a cube-shaped cushion covered with grey fabric to fill the gap. But practically, it would make little difference while configured as a bed. Also, that corner is a good place to stow something like a beach bag or a small duffel bag with socks, T-shirts, etc.

> Moreover, the two foam pieces are handy to level the table or whatever else one might want to place on the flipped down spare wheel.

• The refrigerator door panel has a couple of scratches. The panel is designed to be easily taken out to be decorated, painted, or replaced. We thought about getting a roll of nice, self-adhesive foil to do that, but realized that this was one of the best opportunities for new owners to personalize the interior. So we decided against doing it for now. Also the bottom drawer of the fridge had a crack some while ago, which we successfully glued. It is barely noticeable, except when the drawer is removed for cleaning and one can see where the glue slightly etched the clear plastic close to where the crack was.

• Roadtrek Sprinters were built at the Daimler plant in Düssledorf, Germany and Dodge branded for the U.S. market during the Daimler/Chrysler era, but prior to advertising it, the RV dealership in Pennsylvania had badged ours with a Mercedes-Star on the front grill and a smaller version of the emblem also on the back door. This Mercedes Benz NCV3 (New Concept Van 3) version short Sprinter 2500 (144” wheel base) is just 19’ 5” long, 6’ 8” wide, and 9’ 8” tall. Sprinters are also marketed under the Freightliner brand.

• We are the first owners. For several years we had La Ventura serviced at a large Freightliner service center outside of Knoxville, TN, until our local Mercedes dealer opened a Sprinter division with certified Sprinter mechanics.

• In practice, the original branding of the Sprinter made no difference, except when it came to recalls (air bags), which had to be replaced by a Dodge dealership.

Standard Features

• Powered by a Mercedes-Benz turbo diesel engine (3.0 L CRD V6 OM 642 LA CDI 182)—which does not require DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)—it has 154 hp and 325 ft-lb torque.

> The advantages of this strong diesel engine are that high torque is available at low RPMs already, so it can accelerate quickly from a red light or pass a slow vehicle with ease. It also has no trouble sprinting up a hill and keeping its cruising speed on steep freeway sections to pass slower traffic. And, it is more fuel efficient and lasts much longer than a comparable gasoline engine.

> The high-roof Sprinter van is a best-seller around the World. Despite an interior standing height of 6’3” it handles like a much smaller vehicle and provides such a smooth ride that it has become a favorite platform for RVs and even ambulances.

> Drivers who have experience with other vehicles of similar size and height are astounded by the Sprinter’s maneuverability and tolerance of turbulence, poor road conditions, and how it assists the driver in recovering from hair-rising situations.

> What’s the secret behind the Sprinter’s outstanding drivability?
Well, it’s no secret. Five highly advanced Mercedes-Benz technologies are finely tuned to work in synchrony:
- traction control ASR
- electronic stability ESP
- brake assist BAS
- anti-block brakes ABS, and
- electronic brake force distribution EBD.

> A multitude of sensors detect within milliseconds when a wheel starts to loose its grip of the ground or when the vehicle starts listing or yawing. The system instantly applies selective brake force to individual wheels to counter the forces that might otherwise get the van off course. It may also adjust the engine's power output to the optimal level that will help the driver maintain or regain full control of the vehicle.

• La Ventura started as a Class B van, equipped with all these standard Roadtrek SS Agile features and options not already mentioned above:
• Tanks
> Fresh water 30 gal / 115 L
> Grey water 24 gal / 91 L
> Black water 10 gal / 40 L
> Diesel fuel 26 gal / 100 L
> Liquid propane gas 10 gal / 39 L / 45 lbs? (requires clean, fresh HD-5 grade LPG for generator)

• Spacious stainless-steel galley sink with standard kitchen faucet (no flimsy fold down faucet as is common in other small RVs!)

• Propane furnace (Suburban NT16SE) 16,000 BTU

• Outside “BBQ” quick-connect LPG supply line lets you use a gas grill or other gas appliance without cumbersome portable gas bottles.

• Two-burner stainless-steel propane cooktop (Dometic EK 2000)

• Three-way refrigerator (Dometic RM8501)

• 120V AC / 12V DC / propane

• 3.2 cu ft / 90 L volume, plus 0.3 cu ft / 9 L freezer compartment

• 3-function DC-to-AC inverter/charger “alternative power source” with AC frequency control (Tripp-Lite PowerVerter RV750ULHW).

> Inverter 12V DC 72A max in — 120V AC 6.3A (750W max) out.

> Charger 120V AC 60Hz 9.3A in — 12V DC 11/45A out, adjustable 3-stage battery charging. This function is very valuable if you plan to boondock for a few days or let the RV sit in place unused for longer periods, because it charges and keeps both, your “house” and starter (chassis) batteries, at proper voltage, when the generator is running as well as while plugged into “shore” power. Even some 2019 RVs with solar panels will NOT charge your starter battery, whether from the sun, a generator, nor the grid, making it necessary to regularly RUN THE ENGINE to do that or to install a Sprinter-approved trickle charger!

> Bypass 120V AC 60Hz 20A max in — 120V AC 60 Hz 20A max out, with automatic overload and ISOBAR surge protection.

• Battery separator SurePower (1315-200 Sprinter) prevents the starter battery from getting drained by appliances and devices in the “house,” but allows the house batteries to be charged by the engine alternator simultaneously with the starter battery.

• Combination convection/microwave oven (Apollo AAC 24 BIB), 1 cu. ft. inside volume. Dubbed the “Half Time Oven” because both heat sources may be used simultaneously. That means, it only needs half as long to get the food done as indicated in recipes for conventional gas or electric ovens.

> Total connected load 120V AC 15A (1,800W)

> Microwave output power 1,000W

> Convection output up to 1,800W (800W while supplemented by microwaves during combination modes.

• Built-in 10-cup coffeemaker Contoure 1000. The best coffemaker we ever had. The carafe holds the coffee warm for a long time.

• Dashboard radio (Boss BV9055) double DIN, DVD/MP3/CD player, AM/FM receiver with 6.2” touchscreen TFT monitor and remote control.

• Telescoping and tilting steering-wheel. Single-lever release makes it quick and easy to precisely adjust—within a wide, continuous range—your preference of height and distance from the dashboard.

• Front captain chairs are upholstered with supple, breathable polyurethane faux leather. It requires much less maintenance and is more durable than real leather of similar characteristics.

> Each captain chair has dual foldable, adjustable armrests. Also adjustable are the lumbar support, backrest angle, and seat height & tilt.

> Captain chairs swivel to the rear for comfortable front-lounge relaxation and use of the drawer folding-table for work, lunch, a card game, etc. This is a key advantage of the SS Agile over most other Class B RVs: The ability to use the most comfortable chair in the ‘house’ as the seat for a workstation that is very quick to set up and occupies little space.

• Power rear sofa (12V) moves forward on command while folding down simultaneously to become part of the twin-beds or king bed. In sofa position, two 3-point shoulder/lap seat belts and one center 2-point lap seatbelt comfortably seat three passengers, making driving with a total occupancy of 5 street legal.

• Back-lounge dinette table is mounted on a removable pedestal pole and can be rotated for convenient access to the sofa. The table board may also be placed on the edges of the dinette benches. Thus, it can serve as support for the benches’ back cushions, which become part of the king bed mattress. By-the-way, Roadtrek advertises it as a “king bed,” but 69”x72” is closer to a regular queen bed. Roadtrek (a Canadian company) may be thinking of Imperial measures (where even a width of 60” would qualify for king size). However, the primary concern for tall people is length! In the SS Agile that is 72” on the passenger side and 76” on the driver side. The sofa is 69” wide and it provides the head end parts of both twin beds. In the twin-bed configuration, the width past the front edge of the lowered sofa is the same on both sides: 28”.

• Automatic electric slide-out step below the sliding door.

• Screen insert for the back doors is great for wildlife observation as you can lie flat on the lowered sofa and inconspicuously watch from behind a cushion.

• Flat-screen, wall-mounted 19” color LCD TV (ViewSonic N1930w) has HDMI, S-video, etc. connectors. Viewing angle is adjustable for watching from bed/sofa/back lounge. The TV also can be swiveled around for watching from the captain chairs.

• DVD Home Theater System (Memorex STS2891-RV with built-in surround sound Dolby Digital decoder 5.1). AM/FM PLL Radio, USB port 3.5, MM audio jack, RCA AV out, RCA AV in, optical digital audio in, Carb II-compliant component video outputs for high quality picture playback, digital stereo tuner, 150 W amplifier. Includes remote. Plays DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and JPEG files.

• Audio source switch lets you enjoy the rear speakers with the dashboard radio as well as the home theater.

• Roof-mounted full-length (12 ft) retractable awning with legs stored in its face profile (Fiamma F65 Alaska Grey). The legs don’t need to be deployed when the awning is rolled out less than about halfway, just to shade the side windows or the RV wall.

> This type of awning is more versatile than legless retractable awnings that are more rigid and tend to be more sensitive to wind. Its legs may be pinned to the ground or hooked into the RV sidewalls for greater tolerance of somewhat stronger breezes.

> By easily adjusting the individual length of each leg, it is possible to control the clearance of the awning above ground, to configure the shaded area to a greater degree, and to direct runoff to a considerable extent.

> Nevertheless, retractable awnings are not meant to be left unattended when gusty winds or heavy rains are a possibility.

• Roof-mounted 12V DC adjustable-speed fan with thermostat control (Fantastic 4000BT).

• Granite countertop

• Beautiful solid cherry cabinetry

• Full enclosed bathroom with shower and toilet (Thetford Aqua-Matic V with foot pedal flush).

• Outdoor shower, convenient for a quick cool-down in summer or to rinse off muddy boots you don’t want to bring inside.

• Water Pump (Shurflo 2088-422-144) 45 PSI, 2.8 gpm, 12V, 7A max

• Macerator pump (Shurflo 3200) makes it possible to get black and grey water over obstacles or to sewer inlets that are at a location higher than the tanks’ discharge valves. It also eliminates the need to rinse out a corrugated gravity sewer hose.

• Rear-mounted spare tire carrier (Continental) can be quickly flipped horizontally and may be used with the dinette table board as an improvised campsite coffee table.

• Factory installed hitch rated for towing 5,000 lbs, up to 500 lbs tongue weight; 7-wire harness.

Extras included

• Heavy duty surge protector (Progressive Industries Smart Surge SSP30). 30 Amps, 3,600 Watts, 450 Joules, surge current: 22,500 Amps, response time: less than 1 nano second.

• Windshield sun reflector (Covercraft UVS100 Ultra-Violet Shield 11040) for Sprinter, in like-new condition.

• Reflectors/insulators for the back door windows (Heatshield Advanced Sunshade), extremely durable, light-weight, custom-fit for Sprinter.

Is it the right RV for You?

Good used Class B RVs less than 20 feet long are hard to find. Because of their compactness they can go pretty much anywhere. They are ideal for people who want to travel lightly. They take next to no time to set up for a night or even a longer stay. They offer what’s been summarized by the term ‘Ultramobility.’ They are on high demand nationwide.
Because of its durability, great handling, safety, and low operating costs, the Sprinter has also become very popular for vanlife, the lifestyle of freelancers and self-employed couples who are on the go most of the time. They live in their van year round in increasing numbers.

Roadtrek had decades of experience building quality RVs with outstanding resale value. In tiny spaces, their ingenious solutions offer plenty of storage cabinetry, including a wardrobe closet (armoire) for hanging clothes, and all modern conveniences. They are ideal for people who value quality over quantity of goods. However, you may need much more space than they offer if you are used to travel with lots of stuff.

La Ventura feels like a cosy small home on wheels. It drives more like a car than a truck or bus. It only needs a standard parking space and has a very small turn radius (48' curb to curb, 7' less than the next longer Sprinter with a wheel base of 170” instead of 144”). You don’t need to avoid—or carefully plan for—shopping or visiting tourist attractions in crowded areas. No sweat backing into a campsite either!

Roadtrek RVs have a high resale value because of Roadtrek's long track record of leadership in RV innovation and quality. Roadtrek was the first North American RV manufacturer to receive certification for systematic quality management according to the International Standards Organization’s ISO9001 criteria.

We have service records and all original manuals, as well as digital files for most of them. Clean title in hand.

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ReducedMay 13/2019$69,900(-3,100)
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