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Mar 08, 2017 2015 Palomino 3500 2285

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This is an update from my first review. Its now 8 months later and after comparing notes with other 5'er owners I have a different perspective. Everyone wants a perfect RV, but in reality there is no such thing. Everything is a tradeoff. This model has proven to be well constructed with quality components. This model came with extras not found in a lot of models. One is a heat pump instead of a plain AC unit. This came in handy when things got chilly for a couple of weeks and proved a lot more economical than the propane furnace. Of course if you don't have shore power you have to use the furnace. It has three 20 gallon LP tanks, which in a pinch can be exchanged most places. Not everyone can fill the 30 pound cylinders, plus they are not as heavy. The residential style fridge runs on both LP and shore power. I was surprised not all do. It has an electric fireplace, that not only looks amazingly like the real thing, but also heats enough to take the chill off a cool night. The large capacity over-the-range microwave has plenty of power. We mostly use that instead of the RV style range, which definitely does not perform like the one at home. I notched up the support rating since finding that service and support available after warranty depends on finding the right place to call for the various components of the RV...enough said about that. Overall we've been happy with our purchase.
- Greg, Minnesota

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