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Purchased a King Air. Had a problem with the wall slide as it was not level. It was like walking on the side of a hill. Newmar knew they had the problems but sent them to the dealer with the defect. The dealer I also believe knew about the defect. Also the wall slide had a large dent from the inside out. Somehow I over looked it when I purchased but noticed it when I picked up the RV.

Newmar service manager told me to bring the rv in and they would adjust the wall slide once they get the parts in from a vendor. This took a month. I refused to drive the RV to dealer since it was a 10 hour round trip then the same to pick up. Newmar manager said they would split the fuel. I was shocked. I refused and after I got my wife involved he agreed. He sent a driver to pick up the RV and returned it but they were suppose to repair the dent at the same time. They didn't stating they didn't have the time so I told The Newmar manager to keep it another week. Didn't hear back from him but the driver called and said he's on the way to deliver my RV. I was surprised that the dent was not going to be repaired but I told them that he would need to return the RV for repairs at his cost.

When I got the RV back a few items that I gave the dealer to repair were not done and they destroyed my screen door and scratched up my stainless interior door panel.

I later contacted Newmar service manager and told him that he needed to have the RV
Ickes up to have the Dent repaired and the other screw up. He said it would be at my cost. Unbelievable,, after fighting thru this he agreed to pay for half the fuel cost. I was in absolute disbelief that this guy is asking me to not only return the RV to the dealer but was negotiating fuel cost. Are we talking about $100 at best.

I owned one Essex my first RV then went into owning three preowned Prevosts. I honestly believed that I would get not only a superior RV but the best manufacture and dealer service. To the contrary I was in such disbelief that I sold the RV after owning about 4 months. I was concerned that if Newmar would treat us like they did after just paying over $700,000 for a King Aire what's it going to be like if I had another problem. Newmar knew of the defective wall slide as The service manager told me that they could fix in the field and had to have the vendor make the part for the fix.

I have told my story to many many friend that RV and they have stayed away from Newmar. Be careful reading all of these great reviews. Many are staged.

RVers need to look at for each other. The manufactures are not regulated like the vehicle manufactures.

They dealt with me in bad faith and consumers need to be aware.

RVT. Please publish.

- , Florida

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