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Jan 16, 2015 2007 Leisure Travel 4-Star 3500

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The Leisure Travel Freedom 11 is in different Class as it is fiberglass modeled body giving ligt weigth and streamlined body give nice driving milage and stability on strong side wind conditions the in line 5 cylinder engine is good to delivery hight torque betwind2300 and 2800 rpm delivering great milage gallon (26) witch is realy good and strong enough to pull something even small car behind ....I do like that coach et plan to push it up to 400000 ,...miles ....!!
However some improvement could benefit to the interior ... the locking system of the folding table is week and could have been disingned stronger and some little improvent could be used for this hight quality of vehicules mirror on the reverse of the visor shade etc
- Jean Lavoie , Quebec

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