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Voted Most Helpful Review 2017 Jayco Seismic 4212

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Brand new, this is what jayco delivers. they have zero quality control.

list to date:
.. water leak due to screw through line- fixed
.. cracked molding rear bathroom
.. damaged molding from water leak
.. hinge missing screw x 2
.. blinds missing adjustment rods
.. bedroom door out of alignment
.. coax separated from connector x 2
.. cracked mount in garage
.. side deck hinge damage due to bolt not fully seated
.. sliding door latches not aligned -- resulting in broken glass
.. generator not connecting
.. fuel station pump inop
.. rear garage door screen off track
.. garage A/C unit inop
.. main step light inop
.. door deadbolts out of alignment -1 fixed
.. gas stove spark switch grounding through insulation
.. fuel gauge for generator fuel and fuel station, wires reversed.
.. external decal damaged

I don't have a house or apartment, everything I own is in this good awful piece of crap that I am now stuck with. hopefully the service dept can resolve all this.

- , Florida

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May 28, 2017 2014 Jayco Seismic 3210

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This RV tows really well. I had a job in Denver for several months beginning in Sept. 2014 through Sept. 2015. I was very pleased with the fact that I didn't have to burn a lot of LP to keep it comfortable in the cold season as well as cool during the summer. The bunk beds in the cargo area, are easily moved out of the way to the top of the coach. The ramp can be utilized as a patio with railing. I used the cargo area as my office with plenty of room to spare. I really liked the 2 TV's. All appliances work real well. 2 refrigerators come in handy. Nice looking RV. Will get some pictures of the unit shortly.
- , Colorado

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