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Gulf Stream Canyon Trail RV Reviews by Owners (2)

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Voted Most Helpful Review 2015 Gulf Stream Canyon Trail 32FRKT

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We have had issues since buying this RV in April 2015. The slide out had a loose nail that damaged the floor in the kitchen. One sideout stopped working the motor had to be replaced. The A/C Unit went out in less than a year on. The lights in the camper have been fixed about 5 times because they start acting like strobe lights. The ice maker on the refrigerator was not properly hooked up and we could not get ice.. Now we have had to take it back because the roof started coming off the top while going down the road. I would never buy another Gulf Stream product.
- Lloyd, Virginia

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Voted Most Helpful Review 2012 Gulf Stream Canyon Trail 33FRET

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Wipes on slides do not go out when slide is opened. Have to push them with stick to go out.
Gulfstream couldn’t tell me how to sanitize the potable water tank.
Numerous trim pieces had to be re-secured inside trailer.
Can’t adjust air flow to burner on stove, burns with yellow flame.
Ceiling fan/vent had water leaks. Trailer running lights on back had water leaks. One side window had a water leak. I had to caulk all of these places.
Found staples above refrigerator slide were scraping the roof on the slide, digging a groove in the roof material. Had dealer remove/cut staple ends.
Electric heating on hot water didn’t work, needed a thermostat.
Shower had numerous leaks around base.
Water leaks into basement from shower.
Laminate siding on bathroom door is pulling away from frame.
Venetian blind by kitchen sink had to be replaced.
Second slide scrapes across the linoleum.
Pin holding side support to steps fell out, shortly thereafter another different pin fell out.
Carpet edge is tearing away from carpet.
None of the waste tank indicators works correctly.
Dealer had to replace black tank, a 2 inch screw from the flooring was screwed into the tank.
Dealer’s repairman found shop towels in black tank after draining it.
Water safety electric outlet had to be replaced, lost one electric circuit until outlet was replaced.
Both sink faucets had to be replaced.
Awning and awning motor had to be replaced.
Found out nose insulation was not installed all the way to the roof. Bedroom got hot when sun shined on it. Reduced advertised R-14 insulation to R-1. Currently trying to get Gulfstream to fix this Manufacturing defect.
- Richard Sands, Michigan

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