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2019 Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R for sale by Owner - Hampden, ME

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FOR SALE: Excellent Condition $66,499 USD
5th Wheels / Hampden, ME

Grand Design Solitude 375RES-R

We are selling our beautiful 5th wheel - home away from home. We absolutely love this trailer and hate to see it go. We sold our home 3 years ago and decided to see the United States. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trailer for traveling. We never missed our home; we had plenty of space and storage. It was truly a dream come true. But as with all dreams, it’s time for this one to come to an end. =( Now that we are settling back down, we no longer need this wonderful RV. We are hoping it will allow a new family to make as many incredible memories as we have made.

One of the features that I love about this trailer is the layout. Most RVs have one big living area where the couch is practically in your kitchen and you are staring at your dirty dishes (blushing) while trying to relax and watch TV. This RV feels more like a home, you have a living room, a kitchen / dining room, and your bedroom. There were many times I was in the kitchen working while our daughter was fast asleep in the living room with the curtain drawn.

Come relax on the most delectable recliners you have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. Feeling a little chilly? We spent one winter in the mountains of Connecticut and there were many days and nights that fell below zero. I loved how the electric fireplace not only kept us warm but created a lovely ambience while the snow fell outside. (By the way, this RV is equipped with the 4 season package for all weather camping – so don’t fear the cold – snow is awesome!) Whether you are watching waves lap the beach in Florida, peeping fall colors in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee or getting snowed in while staying in Colorado - the huge windows will give you a 360-degree view of what you came to see. And when you have had your fill of the outdoors, bring the tv out of hiding with the touch of a button and sit and relax. I loved how the TV wasn’t permanently on display - taking up an entire wall of the RV. After a long day of play when it was finally time to get the kiddo off to bed – we just pulled down the blackout shades, drew the privacy curtain and transformed the side couch into a full bed large enough to fit 2 adults.

Ever go on vacation and although you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, you couldn’t wait to get home to your own bed? Not anymore! This bedroom not only has a king – but a standard king bed. No weird dimensioned, RV king where all you can purchase are cheap, uncomfortable mattresses. Want a Sleep Number – get it; TempurPedic – no problem! And while you are sleeping soundly or watching the evening news in bed, your stuff is snugly packed under you with a huge under bed storage space. My husband and I used the closet for our clothes while our daughter put hers in the dresser; we had plenty of space for all our clothes and shoes and hats – you name it! There is even a pull-out ottoman under the bed to sit and put on your shoes! The dresser even comes equipped with a hide-a-way jewelry spot – so you can take your valuables with you and no one will even know it. There is also a coat closet where you can install a washer and dryer should you desire.

Ever want to shower under the stars? OK – maybe not, but you can with the skylight in the shower; it not only lets in sunshine but gives extra headspace for taller individuals. We also installed a custom shower head for great water pressure when staying in a remote campground or even running off the pump at a truck stop. Did you know that some campgrounds don’t allow you hang your wet swimming suits and towels outside? What do you do? We installed hooks galore in the shower and now you have a place for body sponges, wet suits, and even raincoats and umbrellas. Finally, as with the rest of the trailer – this bathroom is big on storage. There is a huge medicine cabinet, storage under the sink, and a gigantic storage space in the wall.

Just as functional as it is beautiful! You won’t want to go home – this kitchen will spoil you and make you discontent with any other kitchen forever! There is more cabinet and pantry storage than you will find in most home kitchens, there is a full-size convection oven/ microwave, and one of the best gas range / ovens on the market. The lighting is absolutely exquisite with lights under the cabinets, the counters and mood lighting on the ceiling. There is a double sink – one extra large, deep sink and one small one. To be honest – I never really used the small one – I coveted the counterspace more. But it’s there if you need it!
Now, for the best part – the residential fridge. I fought tooth and nail for this fridge and waited an extra month for them to ship it in – to the chagrin of the salesman who tried to convince me that the LP fridge was just as good. Phooey!! Anyone who has had a propane RV fridge will appreciate why this was so important to me. Ever camped with a propane fridge in the middle of summer in 100-degree weather – it doesn’t get cold enough. Your ice cream is always soft and soupy. Conversely, use it in below freezing temperature and everything turns to a block of ice. Not to mention, what about the long hauls traveling from coast to coast. If you’re like us, you like to drive long and hard, park in a Walmart and do it again the next day. No sense having to stop early and pay for campgrounds. Well, do that with an LP fridge and your food cools and thaws and you have a right proper mess on your hands when you finally arrive at your destination. Not anymore – not with our residential fridge. It charges while you drive, so your food stays cold; it works in hot weather (trust me, we put it to the test – 120-degree weather in Texas!) and it works in cold weather (again put to the test in below freezing weather in Connecticut!). You will not be able to tell a difference between this fridge and the one at home! Oh Halleluiah!

As if you need it with all the storage inside the trailer, the basement has unparalleled storage capacity. The entire back half of the RV is storage, including a huge roll out tray. This space is great if you are full timers like we were, snow birds flying south for the winter or just for packing all your toys for a fun-filled weekend – we fit kayaks, paddle boards, foldable bikes, a huge generator, plus bins filled with everything you need for living on the road. The entire underbelly is heated so you don’t need to worry about anything freezing – including your water pipes in the winter! There are also lights and electrical outlets under there as well as cable for outside TV watching while grilling up some burgs! Which brings us to the most outstanding feature for the outside of the RV – the built-in barbeque grill. In the mood for some buffalo burgers while visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota or fish tacos while in Charleston, SC, just squeeze a lever and pull out your grill equipped with a sink and a built-in worktable. Now you just need to roll out the automatic awning for some shade and play some tunes through your built-in Bluetooth radio system and you are set!!

Why would you buy our 3 year old RV when you can buy a new one? Well, besides the fact that we took the huge depreciation hit for you (you’re welcome); the perks of buying used is you get all the accessories that people buy and no longer need. Here is a list of just a few items we are including along with the RV:

- $800 SURROUND CAMERA SYSTEM to use while driving for side blind spots as well as rear view. This can also be used as security cameras while parked - very handy when in a Walmart parking lot!
- 5th Wheel Hitch – 24,000 lb
- Stabilization stand
- Water softener
- Water hoses
- 3 10ft sewer drain lines and a bumper that holds them
- Quick connect pieces for all plumbing – it’s amazing how much easier these make your life!
- 90-degree electrical dog bone
- 40 ft 50amp electrical cord
- 2 sets of tire chains for snowy conditions
- Spray wand for cleaning the toilet
- 30lb propane tank and stand in addition to the two 30lb propane tanks that came with the unit
- Upgraded 14 ply tires that are only 1 year old
- Installed upgraded insulation in the underbelly


I was in a car accident a few years back and now have chronic neck pain. So I sit with a hot pad on my neck every night before stretching and doing PT exercises. I didn't realize until it was too late that it was causing the leather on the couch to crack. Oops! That is the only damage on the entire RV. After sitting vacant this winter, the heating element on the recliners stopped working. It was working before - so we think it is just a fuse or a wire came loose. Everything else works - the lights, message, and reclining function. After 3 years of full time traveling, I guess it could be worse. I have 2 dining room chairs pictured, but we actually have 3 chairs. The 4th is in storage in New Mexico, but I don't know when we will have that again.


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