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Jul 05, 2016 2013 Four Wheel Campers Four Wheel Campers Fleet

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You buy this camper because it is so lightweight. I put it on a longbed Tacoma--and you think you can still go fourwheeling with it. Well, you can\'t, not really. The camper weighs as much as your payload is, so you still are not going to go up jeep roads in it. I had to put extra helper springs on the Toyota even though the weight was under tha stated payload. So given that wieght is NOT the \"only thing\", there are too many cuts in livability to make this unit comfy for traveling in even for one person. namely: the bed is only one inch above the matrress, which is hard foam, by the way, so you can\'t leave your bedding or pillows on it when you close hte top. There is no where else in the unit to store that so it sits out whenever you go down the road, adding to the clutter in your tiny living space. They should add about 3 or 4 inches to the depth of the cabover bunk, so that you can leave bedding on it. Next, the fridge door (I believe in propane fridges) opens the wrong way so you can\'t see into or put things into the fridge without being inside the caper. This is very unhandy when you are packing and the top is not popped up. Next, you can\'t light the fridge without going outside and resting the lid of the housing on top of your head while you hold the button and light the match. The salesman actually recommended this to me, yet there are plenty of small RVs out there with interior controls and auto lighting. And lastly, the facing dinette benches are too small to really work. We found ourselves leaving them down, especially the one in front of the door which blocks your way into the camper. It would be better to stick with the lengthwise couch arrangement. The quality of this unit was normal for a cheap RV, the dealers are great, but the unit is a throwback to thirty years ago and no effort to think through the features has been made. If you are a real pioneer you may like it fine.
- , Colorado

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