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Sep 13, 2017 2016 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite FS 195BH

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First off, there are various options on this model. I bought mine in Harrisburg, PA Mine is a El-CHEAPO with residential fridge instead of LP or 3-way fridge, side AC, no spare tire, no exhaust fans of any type, no door window. Now the design defects done by redneck amateurs not educated professional engineers: 1. The floor was cut out underneath the bathtub drain trap pipe. Big hole! You could see daylight while changing the bypass valve on the hot water tank. I built a box around it, and closed it in. 2. The membrane underneath was a total joke Ollies type $5 thin black tarp that frayed out and was hanging down under the RV exposing the floorboards after the 3-4th time I towed it from the wind buffeting it. The tires are so cheap they are not even rated for much more than dry weight, and underrated at the RV's own GVWR. The bed cushions were worthless. Bare plywood would have at least saved me from disposing of the silly "mattresses". Luckily, residential full size fit perfectly in the front, and I custom made new ones for the rear bunks. The black water tank is very small, but I realize that is reasonable for an x-lightweight rating, etc. The freezer inside the fridge is a cheaper design than separating the freezer from the fridge, which is why I've replaced the fridge already. Nothing stayed frozen because opening the fridge for drinks thawed the freezer all the time. $90 junk fridge. came in it. I really messed up by not insuring it had the expensive LP gas fridge. Going primitive camping sucks because you have to run a generator of use coolers for your food. Otherwise, from what I've said, I like the rest of my RV. I like the floorplan having two young kids with myself up front. I actually liked the wall being bare below the bed and NOT a throughway at the foot of the bed allowing a trash can, and dirty clothes hamper, and a wide custom coat rack I built for on the wall epoxied and anchored into the wall studs. The biggest thing now is the missing extra closet space the 21BH model had between the dinette seat and the bunk wall this one doesn't have which could have stored our clean clothes out of the way instead of duffle bags kept in the bunks or at the dinette, etc. The seat cushions weren't bad and the vinyl is good quality, but I still upgraded to a firmer foam inside the covers. One more thing, the front is getting pot marked with small dents because of no diamond plate, or gravel guard on the front. Price was not all that cheap at $13k, considering it's lacking the things i've discussed, but it still beats a pop-up any day of the week.
- Bill, Pennsylvania

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